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24th May 2024 | 6 Views

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I remember everyday my grandfather would take me for early morning walk $bare footed during Sunrise.Before taking walk my grandfather would take #bath.He would carry #copper vessel  with 200 ml water in it with him to offer water to #Sun God.My  grand father would stand on his feet #ball and   would slowly let down a constant #flow of water and would see Sun through #flowing water for 3 minutes and would also chant #Sun mantra.I was a child and would see this activity with lot of #curiosity.

Now I have grown old and know that it is a belief that this activity which I have named as #”Surya Arghya -App”brings #peace and energy to body.

My grand father told me science behind this activity -an health App.

Same I am listing below.

1.Looking sun rays #through water makes eyes strong as sun rays are not falling directly to eyes and #exposure to high energy UV and IR  rays  can be avoided.

2.Sun rays are source of #vitamin D..High energy #UV and IR rays of Sun gets #absorbed in water and remaining rays coming through water protect one’s eyes from #cataract formation and help in increasing #eyesight.

3.Walking barefoot, one gets aqua pressure points #activated through soil.Which helps in proper secretion of #hormones in body.

4.Standing on balls of feet helps one in avoiding #ankle pains.

5.Performing ‘Sun Arghya’ after bath help in better #adsorption of vitamin D in skin through skin pores. 

6.Morning air is fresh and #non toxic in nature therefore whole exercise when done #systematically make one strong and #healthy in many ways.

Benefit of Performing Sun Arghya

1.It improves eye sight,avoids formation of cataract, helps in formation of vitamin  D in body and consequently increases of #Calcium for strong bone formation.

2.Sun rays refracted through water also help in good health of #heart.

Moral-‘Surya Arghya’ is an health app made by our ancestors to take advantage of Sun energy,source of life on planet in best possible way.Since now we know science behind ‘Surya Arghya App’,we must make use of this app to get energy and peace in life.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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