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ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotOnce upon a time there lived a king who was very stubborn and he never gives importance to any other person decision .
whatever he wanted he used to #Enforce it to the people of his #estate. people were very disturbed because of the stubborn nature of their king, but they were unable to say anything to the king.🤴  
The king has a very beautiful daughter . She was very kind and nice and also she was a very joyous girl. She was very pretty and love the #humour.

in the garden of the king, there was a beautiful maid who look after the garden and this was actually fairy. She was hundred years old but because of magic she looks very young. Nobody knew about this maid that she is a fairy. her name was dimple. 
Dimple has a friend whose name was sparkle she was a little pixie 🧚.she was very naughty every day she used to come to the dimple and ask about The king that what silly order he has passed today .she always say to the dimple that one day I will give lesson to your king but dimple always said to her never ever do that he is king and we have to respect his every decision.

One day king was eating lunch with her princess he ate carrots that were very delicious king said these carrots are very delicious. What do you think? Sara? Princess replied: Yes dad these are really very delicious. The king said okay from today we will eat everything made up of these carrots and everybody in the state will also eat the carrots, the princess was not happy with this decision because everybody has choice what to eat and what not to eat but the king said if I ordered this to eat the carrots everybody has to follow it . 
all the people were very disturbed because everyone was sick of eating carrots daily one day King was also got sick of eating 🥕 so he said that now I have to stop eating these carrots 🥕 I should try something else.Sara said that if you are sick of eating these carrots everybody will be definitely sick of eating these carrots 🥕 so kindly please order this that from tomorrow nobody will eat. The people will eat whatever he wants to eat.

in the morning dimple was #watering the 🪴 plants and were talking to To the sparkle both for laughing With each other suddenly the king came and asked the dimple what happened to you? Dimple? Why you are laughing so much dimple said oh my majesty I was just remembering my childhood memories that’s why I am laughing. 
The king said okay my garden is looking so beautiful you take care of my garden very well look at Look at the roses these are so pretty and smell good.
 The king took the bunch of flowers in one of the flowers sparkle was hiding as she was very naughty.she blew the  magic dust when the king was sniffing the flower because of magic ✨ dust the king got sneezing when he sneezed the dimple said :

        “ to your good health my majesty”  
 The king said these words are so good to hear. I think everybody in the state should say these good words for me whenever I sneeze 🤧 .
I order every one whenever I will sneeze everybody will say these words “to your good health “.he went inside the palace .the dimple  said to the sparkle what you have done this sparkle was laughing so much she said this was a good lesson for the king 🤴.  
Now whenever king 🤴 sneezes, the bell rings and everyone says these word “ to your good health my majesty”.If anybody don’t do this, he gets the punishment. The servants of the king were spreader everywhere.

There was a poor# Shepherd who also lived in the state. He was very honest and he always does everything based on facts. he never ever does anything by listening to other people? One day he was sitting and taking care of his sheep two people came near to him and said to him you are a very# genius person. We will tell you how to steal watches and earn money. the Shepherd said why would I will steal the watches and will earn the money by this #unlawful way this is not good.  
They were laughing and said you will steal the watches And will give these to us and we will earn the money by this way so you have not to feel guilty. You should only help us .
while they were talking suddenly the bell rang. They both said “to  year good health majesty “but Sheffield was quite .they said to him why you are not saying these words, he said this look very silly and rubbish to me. Why should I see these words, even if I have not seen the king sneezing .they both said say it quietly the servants are here they will listen to it. He said I don’t care.
 A servant came near to him and said to him that why you are not saying these word for the king, he said I will not say these word , this is a very silly thing. they arrested him and took him to the palace in front of the king 🤴.

when he came into the palace, the king was sitting next to the princes and he was very angry as he heard this young man is not ready to say good words for him.  
The king asked why you are not saying these word for me ?the Shepherd said why should I say this? My majesty because I never ever see you sneezing so it’s a very silly thing, the princess was very happy that someone is there Who is #courageous and can challenge his father like this and can #condemn the act of his father?  
The king got angry and asked the servants to close him into the# den of the lion and he was then closed into the den of the lion 🦁
He was very afraid of the lion, but as he was genius, he took out the pieces of meat that he used to keep in his pocket for eating and he put some sleeping herbs on it and threw them in front of the lion. The lion came and started eating the meat but it was not enough so he moved towards the Shepherd , Shepherd was very scared but all of a sudden the lion got fainted and slept .the whole night even though the lion was sleeping but he couldn’t sleep as at any time lion can wake up and can attack him .

The next morning Servant came to see the Shepherd but he was surprised that he was sitting very calmly in front of the lion and the lion was sleeping very comfortably. They took him to the king. The king was very amazed by his bravery. He said okay you are a brave man now, if you want to live, you have to see those good words for me but the Shepherd was not ready for this .
The king ordered servants to take him to the bunch of boars 🐗 and for the next moment he was among the bunch of boars 🐗 he was very afraid initially, but he took out his flute and started to  sing the #boars 🐗 were very happy and they were dancing on the music of the #flute .the servants were watching this they took him again to the king.  
The princes was laughing so much at how the boars 🐗 were dancing on the sound of flute. She was very amazed. The king said you are such a brave man, you are not ready to say those good words, come with me. I will give you something .
the king took him into the jungle .He gave him a very nice and coslty horse .after a few moment a Beautiful golden Palace come in front of them the king said to the Shepherd I will give this to you if you will say these good words for me that I want , the Shepherd said no I will not say these words for you as if I have not seen you sneezing. The shepherd was enjoying this stubborn king also . 

Now the king decided to keep this man with him in the palace as he was also not ready to take any gift from him and he thought that one day he will definitely say these words for him when he will sneeze in front of him .as the Shepherd was a kind and honest man. His behaviour was very good with everyone in the palace. He also spends the time with the princess and sometimes king also come to meet him because he also enjoyed his company .
the Shepherd, used to give very genius Suggestion to the king to rule the state and king also followed these. Everyone was happy in the state .
so one day king decided to marry this Shepherd with the princess. The princes was also ready to marry this good guy so when the ceremony was held three of them were standing together.the Sparkle was also in In the hall in one of the flower, she came near to the princess and sat on  one of The flower into her head and she blew the magic dust because of this magic ✨  dust  the king the Princess and the Shepherd started sneezing when they sneezed the king And both of them said together :

“for our good health”

and they started laughing and lived happily ever after.

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