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Don’t Buy A Computer Before Seeing This

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What Is A Computer :

A Computer is a machine which helps us with many of our daily tasks like writing, reading, enjoyment, knowledge and many more. This is also a huge platform for gamers to play upon but, it is very difficult to find in the budget which could run all of the heavy and the latest games.

Types Of Computer :

If you are a average consumer, you might not be too worried about this section of the blog and are recommended to scroll to the next one. If you are a technical person and want to do some heavy tasks like photo, video or 3d rendering, you shall have to have a high budget. This allows for faster rendering and composition. The in detail information is provided in the next section. If you want to buy a laptop, then you may not be able to perform the same tasks in the same price as they cost way more than the desktops. You are recommended to buy these when you need portability but at almost double price.

Specs :

This section is also the nerd section as it will be including very technical terms and products.

Rendering :

A processer like a Core i5 6 gen. will be suitable and the graphics card is necessary, at least GTX 1050 with 8GB of ram to do rendering in much lower time.

Gaming :

For gaming it is recommended to see what types of games that you will be installing in it’s life time to play in. Games like GTA San Andreas and earlier can even run without a graphics card while the latest and heavy games require a card beyond GTX 930 M, with A core i5th Gen. at least including more than 6Gb of RAM.

Casual :

This is the work when you want to ren a simple application and might not even require a good Pc.

Streaming :

This is the time when you have to get serious and make a PC above you limits. This might be taking a really expensive GTX 1080ti with Core i7 7780k processers. This might go beyond 16 GB RAM too.

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