The magician 🎩and poor cobbler

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ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotImg 0408ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotOnce upon a time there was a poor cobbler named Bram who used to #mend the shoes and this was the only way of his earning .daily he tries a lot to do so that he can earn more and can arrange a meal for him and her wife. 
He was very happy and content with his life and his wife was also a very nice woman and they both were #content with life, sometimes they both have to sleep with the empty stomach, but they never ever complain to God .

One day he was making the Shoe one strange man came to him. This man was wearing a black robe and a black hat.🎩

This man requested the Bram to polish his shoe quickly as he has to go at some #Event immediately .the Bram quickly polished his shoes to his best they were shining .the Man said to the Bram dear at the moment I have no money but as I am a big magician and I am going to meet another big magician of the town right now I can help you with something that will help you for your whole life.
The bramsaid it’s okay sir if you don’t have money, you can give me next time, but the magicians said no. I have to give you your reward, then magician snap his finger and all of a sudden a white 🐐 goat came in front of them. The magicians said to the bram that whenever you will ask this goat to Shake the body and ask her that show the good luck the coins will come out if it.
you want to you can try in front of me u can. the bram ask the goat 🐐 to Shake and show him the good luck. all of a sudden there were bunch of coins came from the goat and fell down into the floor.bram collected all the coins into the pocket And said thank you to the magician. The magician was disappeared at some distance.

on that day, Bram close the shop early As he was excited to show the goat to his wife. while he was going to his home on his way, he reached into his aunt’s aura home. She was standing outside his home. She was a very clever woman. She thought why the bram is coming so early today there must be something with him and from where he got the goat as everyone knows that bram can’t #afford it.
She invited him to the Home, bramalso thought that I should take some rest here and should take some tea and then should go for Home as I am very tired today. He handed over the white coat to the aunt aura and went inside the home. He told her about the magician and goat and then asked the goat to shake the body and the coins were appeared in front of them.
aunt aura’s eyes were fully opened. She thought to grab this gaot from him and she got an idea for this. She made a tea after serving food to him and put some #herbs into the tea. Then he drank the tea. He immediately slept.aunt aura changed the white goat  with her white goat.when he woke up, he took carried the goat on his shoulders , and went to the Home .🏠 

he reached the home gave the pocket of coins to his wife. She didn’t ask any question about from where he got it.
He asked her to arrange some food for both of them. She went to the market bought something to eat for both of them then when they finish the  dinner he asked the goat to shake the body and show the luck but he was very disappointed that goat 🐐 didn’t take out any of the coin. He was worried that what happened. He then thought to meet the magician on the next day.

he found the magician house and he told the magician about the goat that now it’s not working. The magician said it’s okay take this purple cloth and #lay this on your arm. Whenever you will ask this Cloth to set the table there will appear a table full of the meal, he said thank you to the magician again and went back to the Home.🏠 

as usual  in the middle of his way aunt aura was standing outside her home. Bram thought to share some food with aunt Aura as last time she has given him the meal . he went inside the home of aunt aura and asked the purple Cloth to set the table suddenly there appeared a table full of the delicious and yummy food .they both ate to their fill .
aunt aura said I make some tea for you and then she made a tea and put some herbs again into it when he drank the tea he was again sleeping.
Then he woke up. He said goodbye to aunt Aura but he never knew that aunt Aura change his purple cloth with her #ordinary cloth . 

he reached to the Home and asked Cloth to set the table in front of him as he wanted to show her wife the magic of the Cloth. He was very excited and his wife was very hungry at the moment. He tried for 2 to 3 times, but nothing appeared. He decided to go to the magician house to ask what happened to this purple Cloth.

The next day he went again to the magician house and told the magician that this purple Cloth worked for only one time and then it is not working now .
the magician was a very nice and kind man and he again #obliged to the cobbler and he asked him that when I give you these things first where you go .then the Bram told him that I go to my aunt Aura’s house and share all the things with her. 
the magician understood who is behind all of this he told the Bram that your aunt is a very clever woman and she is changing everything  with the gift of mine. Now this time I give you this# feather go to her house and ask thos feather to fulfil my wish and when you want to stop this then say that my wishes has been accomplished. then this feather will be stopped.
This time bram was very happy because the magician was not angry with him , and he was thinking that this feather will be more useful for him .

this time and aura was anxiously waiting for him that now what New he will bring today. he entered inside the home and asked the feather to fulfil his wish. The feather went towards aunt aura and it started giggling her. She was laughing uncontrollable. She was keep on laughing and begging to stop this feather but bram said first you have to tell me that where is my real goat 🐐 and my real purple Cloth and she told her that both of these are in the kitchen. he went inside the kitchen and brought all the things back, and then he asked the feather to stop  by saying that my all wishes are full filed. 
aunt aura said sorry to him.he also forgave she was an old lady he have some coins to her.

finally, he went back to Home and gave all the things to her wife. She was very happy. It was a joyful day for both of them as they both were kind people. They also started to help the poor people of the village by the coins and they also help the poor and hungry people by daily giving them food 🍱 of their choice.they both lived happily ever after.

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