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Children are the form of God. Their naivety, laughter and laughter captivate anyone! A child’s beginning is from school. Before you remember the school. When someone cries, someone remembers their mother! Someone’s father! Their blackness – Why do you feel sorry for hearing that a Kumla is persecuted?

ย states the arrangement for Jod’s game is about to start shortly.

All students are now arranged for both. Shaileshbhai gives Pooja a wish for a run.Then the prayer bell rings! As soon as the bell rings, the children come to the field. While the prayer is going on, there are little kids and wondering what is going on outside?! They have no idea that the prayer is going on! Observing prayer with half his eyes open! What are they all doing together? Little by little over time many friends become! Such a life of joy and fun with no responsibilities.

We are going to talk about one such school today. whose name is Saraswati Vidya Mandir. Today a sports festival is planned.

Everyone is very excited. The dim light of the morning sun seems to be smiling dimly. There is a chatter of birds and the whole atmosphere is full of sweetness. And a group of students who have come to participate in this sports festival gathers. Now the running competition is going to start soon.

Pooja, a class V student who participated in this run, reaches the playground. His father Shaileshbhai is also in the playground to increase the enthusiasm of the worship.

Pooja has practiced running a lot and today is the day that hard work pays off. Sports teacher Mr. Meenaben

Tell all the kids to be ready for the running game. The running game is going to start shortly.

All the students are now set up for the run. Shaileshbhai wishes Pooja well for the race.

Teacher Minaben starts the running countdown “three..two….one”. Everyone runs together as the whistle blows. In a race, someone is often ahead and someone behind. The race becomes thrilling. The other students in the playground also cheer on their peers by clapping and shouting.

The race is now in its final stages. But what is this?! The running competition ends and immediately the expression on Pooja’s face changes.ย ย 

Pooja has come fourth in this competition. She was the third student by a few inches! His frustration could be seen on his face as his third number came in the face of Rasaksi, if he had tried a little harder. He comes to his father with his face lowered.

What will he answer to his father?! Even after running so hard, she was deprived of the first number. What will his father say? Will rebuke? Such thoughts make his mind sad. Tears begin to well up in his eyes. Seeing Pooja in such a condition. its

Pitashri: Pooja, she has performed very well but why is she crying?!

Pooja: Father you are telling a lie! I have come fourth in this competition. Three students are ahead of me. So how did I perform well?

Father: You are one hundred percent right! Your competition was with 50 students and you have come fourth. It means that you have come first among 46 students! So you are the first.

Pooja: But, Pitashri, my number didn’t come first, did it? I worked very hard for this competition. My target was to get number one.

Father: Other students worked harder than you. So they numbered in the top three! If you work hard next time, you will also get first rank.

No need to despair. We should enjoy the game. Your hard work has paid off and it performed well! I am very happy with the performance of this game. Let’s go party!

Hearing the words of Pitashri, Pooja’s despair was removed. Resolved to work harder next time. Pooja enjoys the party with her father Mr. Everyone goes through life but only a few people live every moment of life!

Today, the race is on like a horse in our schools. Which horse comes first?! Are our five fingers the same? Similarly, different students have different abilities and deficiencies.

We should recognize that and move forward. We should not be discouraged by the good efforts of others. Every phase of life should be enjoyed. Be it a game or an exam, it should be treated as a festival and enjoyed.

Prajapati Raj



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