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Pratapgarh: A mystery

29th April 2024 | 5 Views

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Hello, how are you? Friends, are you having fun? There are many things in life that are not visible like air! We cannot deny it, but it can be experienced. Who knows that some unexpected moment in life can change life? There are some subjects which are beyond human understanding, which is a mystery since the beginning of the world. One such story I am going to present today. ….

Who doesn’t like childhood? Everyone likes it! The time in which there is no responsibility! Excitement and curiosity come out of the mind like the waves of the ocean. A trip to the village with friends is no less than an adventure! Like pearls from the sea, children’s search for joy is going on in the village. This is a village – Pratapgarh!

It is bordered by forest on all four sides, where the scenic view of the river is nothing less than a dream! This village is far from modernity. There is no paved road and the electricity lines seem to cut nature! Perhaps this is its specialty!

With the end of the day, the village would become silent! There was no movement as the kingdom of darkness was running! The terrifying sounds of the forest at night would frighten anyone! Once upon a time, it was summer time in the village and many guests had gathered in the village. After a long time, the meeting of people in the village There was a festive atmosphere in the village!

The children were also very happy because today was the first day of vacation! The children were playing new games every day! Meenaben’s son Shiva was very mischievous.

He was the leader of the team of children giving his orders to everyone! Shiva’s three friends also had the same characteristics as Shiva! Come meet his friends now!

Among them is one – Montu “the glutton” whose stomach was never full! As if eating new dishes is the main goal of his life! People make fun of him but he doesn’t care about anyone.

The other is his twin friend Pintu who talks big. Alakh – His main hobby is to find out about Malakh and sit and chat! The other proves his point and never backs down to discuss! He was Shiva’s closest friend, they had a brotherly relationship. Sad”!

There is one friend in this series – Ketu, who stands out from all of them who is calm and always interested in knowing secrets! His job is to read and know about robber stories and mysterious books!He used to tell all these things to his friends, but his friends also made fun of him!Thus, the friendship of all four was admired in the whole village!

Once the four friends were on a trip to the forest and the game of “hide and seek” was on exciting mode. At dusk Ketu’s bet was on. Ketu counted aloud from one to twenty; “One, two, three……..twenty.” ;I come after all have gone into hiding.”

Looking carefully from all sides but no one is seen! I think that everyone has not left me and gone home!

Then Shiva’s voice comes saying, “Ketu, where are you looking for us, we are here!”

Then Pintu says, “Ketu, did you just give up or what?”

Pintu’s words provoke Ketu.

Ketu; “It’s not us who give up! I’ll catch you now”

Ketu moves forward in the direction of both voices. The Dav Patch game is on exciting mode!

Unwilling to give up, Ketu gets hit by something and falls down! He looks up and sees an old box! The box looks very old!

Something is written on it in old script.Ketu can’t read it!Ketu goes to open it. As a bomb blast sounds from the box, Shiva falls to the ground, terrified.

It is a game of maneuvers in which everyone has fun. The whole is tinged with saffron from the rays of the fading sun. Slow slow light and dusk are blooming. A flock of birds returns home from the sky. The sound of violent animals also frightens the mind. Ketu’s voice does not come after a long time!

Shiva shouts, “Ketu, where are you? Ketu, Ketu, Ketu…… Come now, it’s time to go home.”

No sound! There are echoes of Shiva in all directions but Ketu has no atopata! Ketu hears Shiva’s voice on Pintu and Montu and comes to him where Ketu has gone? Isn’t he in trouble?

Such thoughts are distracting Ketu’s friends. They cannot decide what to do and what not to do! Fear of wild animals in the forest is also a major cause of this concern!

His ears are thirsty to hear the voice of the friend who did not even like the voice of the friend! What to answer Ketu’s mom Meenaben at home is also a big question?!

There a beam of light is visible to the three. What could be in this forest?! Because there is no electricity in this village! The three people look at it in the direction of Kiran Bhuj. In no time it disappears. As if no one had dreamed! Such an unreal scene amazes everyone!

There a stranger comes in front of them. The stranger cannot be recognized by the light sunlight in the evening sky. He is coming very fast to Shiva and his friends. The sound of that person’s breathing shows how fast he is running!

As he approaches Shiva, the three friends are amazed! It is none other than Ketu! His heartbeat is like a bullet train. He looks very tired. He wants to go home quickly. He looks very scared. In this condition Shiva and his friends take him home.

On the other hand, Meenaben is very worried about Shiva not coming home! It is dusk. He prays to God!

“O Lord, it is dusk. Shiva has not come yet. I don’t know where he will be! You protect him!”

The village is mesmerized by the sound of Shiva and his friends. Everyone is alive. Ketu looks very tired today. His mother Vimlaben gives him food for dinner. His father Jagadish Bhai has gone to work. So, Ketu and his family are together. He eats, but today his father was late!

Ketu starts eating, just then the phone rings. Ketu has a satellite phone in his house; They use it in emergencies.

Ketu looks scared today, seems to have some unknown fear in his mind. His hands are shaking. He picks up the phone.

As Ketu and his mother rush to the hospital, fear and uncertainty grip their hearts. Ketu’s mind races with questions about his father’s condition. The journey feels agonizingly slow, every bump on the road adding to his anxiety.

Arriving at the hospital, they rush to find Jagdish Bhai’s room. Ketu’s heart sinks as he sees his father lying unconscious on the hospital bed, surrounded by worried faces. The sight of his father’s pale face sends a shiver down his spine.

Doctors and nurses hurry around, trying to stabilize Jagdish Bhai’s condition. Ketu clings to his mother’s hand, praying silently for his father’s recovery. The wait feels endless, each passing moment filled with dread.

Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the doctor emerges from the room with a solemn expression. Ketu holds his breath, fearing the worst.

But then, a glimmer of hope appears as the doctor announces that Jagdish Bhai’s condition is stable. Relief washes over Ketu and his mother, tears of gratitude filling their eyes.

As Jagdish Bhai slowly regains consciousness, Ketu rushes to his father’s side, overwhelmed with emotion. Seeing his father awake and smiling weakly fills Ketu with an indescribable sense of joy and relief.

In the midst of this crisis, Ketu realizes the importance of family and the fragility of life. He vows to cherish every moment with his loved ones and never take their presence for granted.

With his father’s recovery, a sense of peace settles over Ketu and his family. As they leave the hospital, Ketu holds his mother’s hand tightly, grateful for the second chance they’ve been given. And as they return home, Ketu knows that no matter what challenges life may bring, they will face them together, as a family.

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