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3 ways to gain motivation: Be unstoppable

29th April 2024 | 1 Views

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Motivation plays an important part in achieving own objectives. A person without any goal or target is nothing. The inability to find motivation let human find themselves in an endless loop of misery and failure. Motivation is not a formula or situation, but an aspect which determines the quality of life.

We no longer lives in a world where everything takes time to evolve. In order to survive in this fast pacing world, it is important to adopt certain habits which can make you unstoppable in the process.

1. Observe more and judge less

There is a big difference between observing something or someone or judging certain thing. Observation accounts as a great process to correct personal working aspect and even thinking process. However, judging certain things while observing results in illusions and often generates critical perception. Hence, in order to boost motivation, observing pose as effective measure. It helps in improvising perception and thus building a better outcome.

2. Practice self love

Self love or self compassion is an effective way to boost one’s emotional drive. Who is going to love you if it is not you. Start feeling your desires and what has been stopping you from achieving. It also includes identification of your personal strength and weaknesses. This way it becomes possible to work on weaknesses and improve it. Getting better on your own maybe hard but not impossible. It is important to identify what is hampering the outcome and thus working on it.

3. Practice self assessment

What do you do at the end of the day? Do you have the habit of practicing meditation or journaling your day? If not then start it from today. Record your day in a notebook or diary. You will find out what you have achieved throughout the day and what you have failed to accomplish. IT should start from setting a routine which you follow throughout the day. At the end of the day, there will be few tasks which you have not accomplished and will be added next day.

Life is a greater battle than the ones we read in history books. We do not follow any rule and weapons in use are of varied nature. Hence, it is essential to understand your surrounding in detail. Add little enjoyment to daily activity and make it as an important task to improve your mood. For instance, listen to good music while doing your daily jogging or morning walk. Interact with your friends often. It helps in your communication skill and also boosts your social skill. Adding fun in your mundane tasks makes it more fun.

  • Have sightseeing in place where you are visiting for work
  • Listen good music while exercising
  • While doing work, put on a nice fragrant candle to boost your mood
  • Watch a fun series often to lighten up your mood

Reward yourself if you did a great work. Do not wait for others to applaud you, instead you focus on cheering yourself. Take 5 minutes break after every one hour. Check on good music or just indulge in a small stroll.

Everyone struggles. The definition varies, the reason changes, however, the pain is same. So, treat yourself with love and adoration before losing. If your thinking is clear, you will be unstoppable no matter how hard the challenge is.

Madhumanti Chakraborty



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