Prose for ‘Anyarnay (အညာနေ)’

27th April 2024 | 45 Views

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Prose for “Anyarnay (အညာနေ)”

Anyarnay refers to “The one who lives in Anyar.”

Anyar is the hottest area in Myanmar with some towns ranking among the hottest in the world. In Anyar, the sun shines brighter than it should, and water is scarce. How cruel the climate is, as if it bears Anyar a grudge without mercy.

Although the rope in the tug-of-war shortens and the precious frog ages, not a single drop of rain falls. In Myanmar tradition, tug-of-war festivals are held to summon rain, and the croaking of a frog is believed to call for rain. Due to the absence of rain, the dust in the atmosphere becomes thicker and thicker.

Flowers and buds are wilting. Yellow leaves are browning. Abscission will leave the plant with only stems. How ruthlessly the sun and the rain create the sorrowful scenery!

The young lady and her lover, who is going to face the battle in Anyar (sometimes referred to as “performing a play” instead of “facing a battle”), request each other to be careful. At the firing-line, the weather is harsh, and the tension is high. The lady worries for her lover, thinking of his sufferings.

Even though they are far apart, she loves him without missing a single second. Her love for him remains constant and unwavering. The government has been overthrown in the military coup. The military exhibits unreasonable cruel fascism. As the shelter collapses, citizens lose their rights to live in peace. The young man is a warrior in the revolution, sacrificing his youth for future generations. Knowing his heart of oak, no matter how deep their love is, she must endure and keep her love silent. All the yearning lover herself can do is count the days until her lover returns.

Pan Thitsar



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