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26th April 2024 | 2 Views

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There are so many technologies you can learn to get start with the earning like YOUTUBE which takes amore time then we have content writing , MS Excel AND Google Sheets for Data Entry Jobs, Tutoring on Different platforms or youtube, We do have something New in the Development Domain Known as Prompt Engineering after Web Development, for Website, Android Development for Android Applications, Application Program Interface i.e. API’s for Connecting and communication between two Software , A.I and Machine Learning Systems.

By Some of the people ,”The Prompt Engineering” is being defined as the activity of giving an Exact Instruction to an Artificial Intelligence to get the Required Exact Output ! Most of the Software Developers with experience or no experience are seen to be affected in the first case but the urge to understand and Learn prompt Engineering is getting as the required option or task to be done by them. Also, It is to be seen that its also affecting other jobs. No Doubt it’s time saving , Helpful and Very fast. But at some point it can’t affect most of the work done by developers and other Professionals       

Tauheed Patel



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