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Chef – A Configuration Management Tool

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Chef BenefitsConfiguration Management is a method through which we automate admin tasks. Configuration Management tools are of 2 types:

  1. Pull based (Chef , Puppet)
  2. Push based (Ansible , Saltstack)

What are the components of Chef ? 

  1. Work station :

Workstations are personal computers/virtual servers where all configuration code is created, tested or changed.
In workstation, we have recipes and cookbooks.
Recipe is a file where we write code for the Automation and the code is written is Ruby language
Collection of Recipes is called a cookbook.
Knife is CLI tool through which we upload the cookbooks from workstation to the Chef-server

       2. Chef Server :

The Chef-Server is the middle man between workstation and Nodes, where we store the code.
N.B- All cookbooks are stored here.
The process through which chef-Server is connected to the nodes, is called bootstraping.

      3. Node :

Basically Nodes are the system that requires configuration(where we apply our code).
It has 2 components. 
      Chef client
     It gathers the current system configuration from ohai. Compares that configuration with the chef server.
    Then downloads the desired system configuration from the chef server(if any).
    Then configures the node such that it adheres to the policy. It repeats the same process periodically.
     It is a kind of database of the Node. Configuration of the machine/node is stored in this. 

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