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Sacrifices of women

24th April 2024 | 2 Views

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The era is actually repeating from our ancient times. Yes…..!!!… In the ancient days if a girl child is born then they are killed for no reason except a reason “she is a girl”. But they don’t think the boy, men any male is given brith by a female. Okay. If a she is married to a men she sacrifices everything for a family. She should leave her entire family without any reason. She should always adjust with her in-laws. Whatsoever it maybe. She gets criticised by a in -laws family for each and everything. 

Yezzz….. This is real no can oppose this at all. We are saying we are modern….. But no…. It’s my personal experience. I have many things that has happened to me. What ever we they don’t get satisfied. This is only things that always happens in every woman’s life.

From my journey I learnt that don’t even bother about anything and anyone. Just do whatever you want and like to do. That’s it. Because no will give you a penny for a food and for your needs and wants. 

So, the moral of the story is be yourself and don’t sacrifice your life others. Do whatever you like. Your life will also be happy. 

Teach the same for your child. I’m saying for both boy and girl child.

Happy reading 👍👍🫰🫰

Happy life……☺️☺️

pavithra sathyaraj



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