The flying 🪽trunk 🗃️

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What a glorious day !

what a glorious 🌦️

!and what a #glorious porch!  

wait who ‘s porch is that .ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotImg 0353ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotImg 0345

 This is the #Porch of #merchant who is very rich in the whole town and he has a beautiful manison in the town. The story is actually not about the merchant but actually, it is the story of his son. 👦 

The merchant used to do the #trade and he has his own business he was very rich but he never misuse his wealth. He always save the money for the difficult times. He used to take care of his all the earnings and he was also a kind man that he used to do that charity also. 

his son name was Sven. He was a very lazy boy. on one morning He woke up and starting screaming for the breakfast. The merchant called him on the dining table and said that this is not the way to take the breakfast on your bed. Have you taken a good sleep my son?
He says yes, dad I have taken a very good sleep while he was talking to his father. His servant was putting the shoes in his feet.

 He said I slept very nicely on this golden sheet but can we take off the rubies from this? So I will feel more comfortable and please now I won’t allow any #ordinary bedsheet on my bed .the merchant said , I am worried that you are so lazy my boy and you don’t take any interest in my any of the business thing. I want you to learn everything so that whatever I am earning when one day will come into your hands you will take care of it, he said don’t worry, dad I will take care of everything. Today I am going to give a party to my friends because I bought a boat for my friend James and we are gathering at our house and we will have a party. The merchant said you have given him the gift of boat and now you are giving him the party, your friends will harm you one day they only benefit from you and your money. I am so worried about you my son. 

Then merchant said to him now Make Up promise with me that in the #basement there is a trunk. You will always keep this trunk with you. It will help you in the difficult times but promise me that you will never open it he said okay dad I will take care of this trunk.

many year has passed one day merchant has died and the seven was the owner  of merchant all the #inheritance. The lawyer came to him and said him that now you have all the inheritance of your father you should take care of this and Use it properly don’t waste it. He said no why I will waste it.

The days were passing and then was spending all the money of his father on the parties which he threw for his friends daily daily. He used to change the decoration of his house daily he used to take the new furniture for his house. Everyone admires his choice and they make him flattered for everything and they always say him that you are so rich and you are so great, no one can beat your generosity and all of these things make him flattered and day by day he was using all of the money of his father.

there was one Good thing about Sven was that he was a very good storyteller. He used to tell the different interesting stories to his friend.

One day he was telling the story to his friend

The sky drank all of the water of the rivers and oceans and he build the ocean of Clouds above “.

everyone clapped for his story . One of his friends, said that you will never be out of money because you can earn money by the storytelling . Sven said do I need to earn as you all know that I have so much money of mine? . His friend, said you spend so much on us. You should save something for your future as you are only spending and not earning but he said don’t spoil our mood , just start a party and don’t talk about the Difficult time. I have so much money that it will never be ended. 

But as everything has its end advance money is also ended one day so he used to sell out his belongings. He sold his furniture. He sold all the #antique things which his father gathered from all over the countries during trade. He has to sell his own bed. but he never stopped to do the parties for his friends.

One day he asked the lawyer is anything left to sell the lawyer said now there is nothing to sell. You have only this drunk with you and you are bathrobe and slippers which you are wearing other otherwise you have nothing with you.

this man was worried and he said oh my God, what can I do? I have only this trunk with me. I have no bad to sleep in it. He was so tired that he said inside the trunk as the trunk was very big when he sat in the trunk all of a sudden he felt a jerking and then he saw that the drunk was flying, his screamed in excitement that oh my God this is a flying trunk. Keep on flying day and night over so many countries. One day he reached To the country of Turks.

he asked the trunk to lower down into a garden he hide the trunk behind a tree and went inside the city. Everyone was in the robs and the slippers so nobody has noticed that what he was wearing then he saw a beautiful place in front of him and he asked a man, what is this? Beautiful place? Whose house is this? Men smiled and said have you never seen a palace? This is not a house this is a palace of Sultan.
sven said oh !I want to meet the Sultan. Another man came towards him and said Sultan never meets to someone. He has one beautiful princess and he always protect her so nobody is allowed to entered into the palace because the princess is so beautiful .

But he decided to meet the princess .he went to  the trunk when the night came he started flying and entered into the room of the princes through the window. The princess was sleeping. She was really a beautiful princess. He started looking at her without a blink of eyes.

Suddenly the princess woke up and she started screaming and keep asking him the questions that who are you ?and how you reached into my room ?and what are you doing here ?and how Did you dare to come in my room without my permission ?who allowed you to come inside into my room?

he said relax, princess. I am the angel of this Turk trunk. She said you are telling lie he said I’m not telling a lie . can see me from your window. I will sit in the trunk and I will fly.
 He did so so and then again came into the princess’s room. The princess said okay from where you got this trunk, he said as I am angel of this trunk so I live here . then he said to the princess, will you marry me? The princess started laughing and said we met now and you are asking me to marry you and I don’t even know you. What qualities do you have ?

He said you are so pretty I am really in love With you, well, I will always keep you happy. I promise you for that.

Princess said okay but you have to impress my parents and the only thing by you can impress them. You have to tell them a story. My mother likes the stories that have a moral lesson and my father likes the adventurous and interesting stories. He said okay I will tell them my story she said okay if they will like the story then I will marry with you because nobody Can make them happy by their stories. 

he sat into the trunk and started flying and reached into the garden where there were the trees of fruits. He started writing a story. It took 2 to 3 days because he wanted to write a interesting story which has a moral lesson so that he can impress the Sultan and Sultana and he will marry, princess 👸.

after completing the story he reached into the palace. The princes told the Sultan Sultana about this guy and they were actually waiting for him As they both were found off stories. He started telling them a story that

“once upon a time a bunch of matchsticks came into the kitchen they were all gathered and they were very proud, in the corner there was a black kettle. She was very impressed to see the clean Matchsticks. kettle, asked them from where You came. Then one of the match stick said proudly we we came from the a big factory our ancestors are the green trees who used to give shadows to the people and people make the furniture from our ancestors and without us nobody can Cook. A tinder box was listing all this he said to the match stick but at the end you burn and there is nothing left the matches stick set to the tinder box why you are jealous of us. Nobody use you nowadays that’s why .
the kettle said oh I want to see you how you burn I am very unlucky because people keep me on fire and the difficult part is that when they wash me and rub me it hurts me a lot .tinder box said  but you are lucky that you r still alive. These matchsticks will be no more after burning. They have very bad ending but one of the stick said it so beautiful when we burn 🔥 wait a second and you will see how we burn ,nobody will give lift to the box they will choose us to make a fire . 
After a while, a lady came inside the kitchen she took all the matchstick and burnt them and they were no more. 
The kettle set to the box yes you are right they were showing off but their end was not good. They were trying to impress us and by doing this, they lost their life.

Sven asked A question from all that now who will tell me that is what is the moral of the story the princes said the moral of the story is that we should never show off to impress someone by doing this, there is always a loss.

The Sultan and Sultana were very happy to listen the story and they were ready to marry princess with the sven.
 everyone was happy and in the night everyone was doing lightning and decorations outside the palace. The sven thought he should also impress them so he sat into the trunk and took so many firecrackers inside with him, to light them in the sky while he will fly .when he lit them, the trunk also started to burn and all of a sudden the trunk was converted into the ashes .

this van was very sad because no he was unable to meet with the princes. The trunk was all burnt and he fell into a jungle. He thought he should not to do this to impress anyone. He also got the lesson as he told that in his created his story. 

The days has passed he reached into the town and he started telling the stories to the people and by this he started earning the money so at the end of the day the storytelling was the only thing that was useful for him and he was feeling very content by this and he thought nobody could make him so much happy neither when he was rich and throwing the party with his friend nor when he met the princess and he misused the trunk. Now The storytelling is the only thing that gives him the peace . so he lived a good life after that. 

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