The intelligent fisherman .🎣

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh

24th April 2024 | 13 Views

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Once upon a time in our village, there lived a #fisherman he used to go onto the river #shore and catch the fishes. He goes to the riverside and #anchor his boat At the #riverbank and then catch the fishes daily.

oneday he did the same he anchored his boat at the riverbank and threw his net into the river. He said wow ! today the #climate is very good. It will be great if I will get more fishes today and will earn a #great #amount because the weather is not hot and I can sit for a #prolong #period of time and catch the fishes.🐡 

when he threw his net, there are so many fishes were #entangled in the net but he was surprised to see that there was a #bottle also entangled in the net he said to himself that this bottle looks# strange to me. I have to check it that what it is.

he opened the #cork that was #sealed very #tightly and it took time to open that sealed bottle but finally he was succeeded as the bottle was opened .there Came a #flash of light and a voice of someone’s #horrible laughing. There was a #scary devil who was #floating in the air, he was so scary that fisherman was #afraid for a while, but he #gathered his# courage and asked him who are you?

he said I am a devil. I used to spread the #terror in this river and this river was famous with the name of #ghost river whenever people came to this river I used to #scare them off and they ran away from this bank side but one day one #monk has came and he turned me into a #flash of light and #slaved me in this bottle but now I am free I will again spread the terror, but first of all, I have to kill you.

initially, the fisherman was scared but later  he gathered his courage and said to him why you will kill me I have done nothing to you but I have saved you from this #tiny bottle.

The devil said I will kill you because you know now the #secret of this bottle nobody else knows this so it’s better to kill you.

The fisherman said okay I am ready for that. You definitely kill me, but will you fulfil my wish.

Devil, said okay? Tell me what is your wish the .The fisherman was a very intelligent man. He didn’t lose his #conscious and his mind worked and he played A #trick with the devil and said to him I cannot believe that such a strong and giant body can can go inside this tiny bottle. You must be telling a lie to me.

The devil laughed with arrogance and said with the proud you don’t believe on me I’m not telling a lie to you. I can definitely go inside this bottle just as a flash of light you wanna see that the fisherman replied. Yes I will then the devil magically turned into a flash of light and he entered inside the bottle, as he entered inside the bottle the fisherman quickly close the mouth of the bottle with the cork and said to him now Mr devil you are again inside the bottle. This is your place to live and you should be inside it. You are a great harm to the human , so it’s your punishment to be inside the bottle for whole life .

Then fisherman threw this bottle into the water again and he took his fishes and went back to his home .

the #ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotmoral of this stories that we have not to lose our conscious and we should be brave in every #situation no matter how difficult it is. We have to face every situation like the fisherman faced with his intelligence and the devil got the punishment because of his arrogance.

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