6 Compelling Reasons To Say Aye To Amaranth

6 Compelling Reasons To Say Aye To Amaranth


16th May 2024 | 92 Views

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Does your heart long to bid adieu to a host of diseases that have been plaguing you of late? Do you intend to be as fit as a flea? Here is a dietary food that would fulfill your nutritional requirements while maintaining your health in top-notch gear. Amaranth is the dietary food in question.

Amaranth is a pseudocereal possessing the nutritious properties of cereals, but it is not strictly a cereal. This superfood is free from gluten and is abundantly high in multiple nutrients, thus offering incredible positive health impacts.

Reasons To Go For Amaranth

Listed below are the reasons behind opting for Amaranth:

Amaranth Is Laden With Nutrients

Amaranth has copious amounts of fibre and proteins. Also, it has a substantial amount of nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, iron, and phosphorus, in addition to numerous micronutrients.
Magnesium is a vital mineral for cognitive performance. Manganese is a prerequisite element for an extensive spectrum of biochemical mechanisms in the human body. Phosphorus is essential for maintaining appropriate bone strength. Iron is indispensable for the formation of haemoglobin.

This Super Grain Enhances Antioxidant Concentrations 

Amaranth is exceptionally elevated with antioxidants that mitigate the detrimental impacts of free radicals in the human body. This slightly sticky grain is rich in plant-based substances known as phenolic acids that function as antioxidants. These include vanillic acid, gallic acid, and p-hydroxybenzoic acid. These compounds counteract long-standing illnesses like coronary heart diseases and cancers.

Amaranth Suppresses Inflammatory Reactions

Inflammation is an immune reaction of the body in response to external damage. Acute inflammation triggers life-threatening ailments like cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune conditions. Amaranth renders beneficial anti-inflammatory attributes by impeding the creation of an antibody named Immunoglobulin E. Immunoglobulin E induces the inflammation associated with allergies.

Amaranth Curbs Cholesterol Content 

Cholesterol is a substance akin to fats that gets deposited in the bloodstream, causing arterial blood vessels to constrict. Amaranth dips both the total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in the body. Also, it drives up good cholesterol levels.

This Nutritious Grain Facilitates Losing Extra Kilos

Amaranth has a colossal amount of fibres and proteins that are fundamental for losing pounds. Proteins lower the secretion of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Thus, it curbs food cravings. Fibres traverse through the gastrointestinal lumen undigested, triggering sensations of satiety.

Amaranth Contains Zero Gluten

Celiac disease is a condition that is brought about by consuming gluten, which causes degenerative disorders of the digestive system. It prompts signs and symptoms such as flatulence, abdominal discomfort, and diarrhoea. This protein-rich grain encompasses absolutely no gluten and hence relieves those people who suffer from this health problem.

On A Final Note

Amaranth is gradually gaining momentum among people with health goals primarily because of its plentiful health-promoting virtues. It is one of the rare gluten-free grains, therefore it is highly sought after among people who suffer from gluten intolerance. Furthermore, if you are intrigued by the nutritional impacts of this splendid grain, integrate it into your nutritional plan now more than ever.

















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