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Woman Without Mother

25th April 2024 | 15 Views

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Celebrating Treasure-Mother DNA.

Yes I am woman #without mother

After loosing mother my #lonely days have turned to #weeks

Weeks turned to #months

Months turned to to #year

Though her #body has gone her love is there with me #guiding,

  Me every moment in every #episode of my life

When I go to #grocery store and see many women,

  #Shopping with their mothers.I miss her

 When some one dear to me  lose her #mother I miss my mom

I missed her when I published my #first book” Science of Life And  Nature Photo Poetry Collection.

I said “come mom at least once! and see your daughter first published book available on amazon.”

I tried calling her but there was no #voice on other end.

I console my self every day,don’t #grief dear soul.

Now you are mom you have to  take your #mom place.

Now you have to #guide,discipline love and handle everything as your #mom did.

You make your sons,daughter,son in law, daughter in law and #grand children

 Strong and fill them with lots of love and #wisdom as your own #mother did.

You are so #blessed and fortune you are #mirror image of your mother.

You have treasure of her partial #DNA.Try to make your children same.

I talk to myself “please make your mother #proud.”

I look out for #little girl inside” me who was so innocent and did not have iota idea of #world,

 But now she misses her #mama so much.Be kind to everyone like #your mother.”

Moral-by teaching all good things to your children and grandchildren what your mother taught ,you are #celebrating your mother and her precious #DNA transferred to you by all mighty.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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