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Modern Lifestyle – A bane?

16th October 2023 | 51 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: This is my first publication on MilYin. So, do pardon me for any mistake you snap. This can be considered as an amateur creation because it was written by me in my high school as an assignment speech but I have tried to improve it as much as possible from that raw level. Since "Modern Lifestyle - A bane or boon" , is a debatable topic, I will be more than happy to know your views and discuss if you have something to share. At the end of the day, we all are learners 🙌😊.

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Well in the words of Sameul Buttler,  ” life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusion from insufficient premisies”. The discussion of lifestyle and about its influence by modern behaviour have been sparked by various such descriptions of life from the wisdom of many wise people.

Modern lifestyle is considered as an advanced and civilized lifestyle, which has now evolved into a nexus of unexamined life, exhaustion and rat race.

Due to the fact that contemporary lifestyle programmes are now a requirement of developed society, we are obligated to engage in them nowadays. Modern living has made life simpler, more comfortable, and has provided us with wonderful amenities and chances. It also meets the needs of a society that has been affected by western culture. However, it has also resulted in some significant difficulties. 

To survive, one must labour nonstop and be adaptable, yet doing so may have major consequences, such as neglecting one’s health in order to meet goals or leading a solitary lifestyle. In modern lifestyle, temporary pleasures have more value than pemanent gains. In their line of work, people lack patience and are always looking for shortcuts. Our disease-prone modern lifestyle has resulted in a more lifeless population. We see that individuals nowadays only value their lives in terms of their careers, and they no longer understand the true purpose of life. Therefore, it is accurate to state in the words of John Fletcher “our lives are but are marches to our graves”.

Future is imagined no less than a science fiction movie. People relish in their fable world where there will be all flying cars in the market, robots working everywhere,etc. Though it is not something to roast under the clouds of criticism but they are incognizant about the fact that science is a great servant but a bad master. There needs to be a balance between organic and modern lifestyle. The exhausting lifestyle has created well-fitted minds but we are still searching for well-formed minds. “You purchase pain with all that joy can give and die of nothing but a rage to live”. These remarks by Alexander Pope describe what a person might infer from this enigmatic way of existence. Also, modern liferstyle has lead to decline in life expectancy. The food we intake is full of adulteration and we pursue a life filtered with fakism but still people imagine a bubble of prosperous future for the world. Today, people are lacking elementary life skills, ethics and morals. Time management and stress have significantly impacted how individuals live their lives nowadays .

Then there are the elderly people who share their heartfelt nostalgia for bygone eras, lamenting the lack of innocence, simplicity, and enthusiasm in modern lifestyle and how people have turned into self-interested effigy. So, we can say that lifestyle is modern but future is lustreless. Finally, I’d like to end by quoting HL Mencken: “Human existence is always irrational and often painful, but in last analysis, it remains interesting”.


Shivansh Jain



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