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Sweet Corn Purchase- My Brain Thinking

25th April 2024 | 6 Views

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Our grand children were visiting us.They said”grand ma they love magi with #sweet corn in it.”

I said “while coming back  from office I will bring #sweet corn from grocery store and sometime  I will make magi with sweet corn for you”.  On  my way back from office I came to grocery store and bought corns.I saw packet of corn on bench of grocery store.It was under concession list.I bought packet of #corn and kept it in my kitchen store.

I was busy with my grandchildren visiting nearby #gardens for morning walk.In evening sometimes we will go for #ice cream get together.It was big fun.

It was Sunday .I thought let me make magi with #sweet corns for my grandchildren for breakfast.I opened packet of same and I at once realized this definetly is  not sweet corn packet.I wish I had checked with grocery store people. 

Further research revealed that this corn packet is of  different quality called  #field corn.

From this incident I realized how my initial assumption about #sweet corn was a #mistaken identity by my brain.

My human brain used my intuition to make rapid #judgement about sweet corn.That was my system 1 thinking,as defined by #Nobel laureate(2002) Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky.System 1 thinking is fast and intuitive and therefore  it can be riddled with #human biases. It showed up when I made instant judgement about #sweet corn.

If my brain would have acted with system  2 thinking(as defined by noble laureate Daniel Kahnema and Amos Tversky) which is slower  analytical, where brain consciously collect evidence evaluates option and make decision would have been different.  My  decision when I bought #sweet corn was with help of #unconscious system 1-fast thinking not slow thinking.

If I had used slow thinking process I would have examined if it was sweet corn or #field corn or some other variety corn.In this process the #unconscious system 1 thinking instincts would have influenced my # conscious system 2 thinking.

Main point is the core concept of #sweet corn comes into my brain from intuitive system(system 1 thinking) .

Question is why did I think that corn packet is sweet corn ,part of answer is “context’ the different element of situation and their relation ship to each other, I did not go deep into #context.Finally a corn packet which was assumed sweet corn  by my brain when purchased from grocery store, when opened was recognized as field corn..The main point “context” sweet corn is #illusion.Actually when examined with help of(system 2 thinking) of my brain it was found that corn packet was #field corn.As it is rightly said one should not evaluate book with”book cover”  but if one is involved with #system 1 thinking,then for one book is “book cover”.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


Moral-If one is involved with #system 2 thinking(slow thinking)as defined by noble laureate Daniel Kahnema and Amos Tversky)then for one book is #not book cover.

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