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Good Life -Three Parameters.


25th April 2024 | 13 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: The greatest value of having time,ability and resources around one is if used properly you can get simple good life.

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 In co curricular activity class my student Krishna asked me “madam! is path of #good life that simple”

One student said it depends  on one’s #resources madam

I said could you please explain with simple example.Suppose there are two individuals A and B.A has internet facility available at home.While B has to make lot of #efforts to avail same.

A through resources of internet can attend on line classes to learn high technology techniques,like knowledge of hard ware used in computer.If A wishes can learn #programing also.Another important parameter which A  should  have is #willingness and ability to learn same.A Has to take out #time from his busy schedule to do same.

Another individual B who has to make lot of effort to avail #internet facility can still develop simplicity in life.It is another thing B can not enjoy life like A.

B can enjoy simple #inexpensive things like reading,writing,simple #sketching skill. B can make  supportive friends,can listen to good #music and travel by public #transport. B does not require lot of money  for his enjoyment. B has #simplicity in life he has lot of #time at one’s disposal.

Another student concluded and said” one must assess one’s #time, #ability and #resources to lead simple life.”

I said yes dear students,but then next question is the extent of overlapping of  all three parameters with each other.The more there is #overlapping among above mentioned three parameters #Pexels Niezam 16516

more simple life one can enjoy.

I said as student of mathematics I will put forward the formula to lead simple happy life as follows

  Intersection of three parameter Time, Ability and Resources leads to simple life.

Let us put it in mathematical equation

Let TIME intersection ABILITY, be equal to X

Let ABILITY intersection RESOURCES  be equal to Y

X intersection Y =simple good life.

Intersection of three domains  Time,Ability and Resources can give one good life.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK