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First Day In My High School

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           Time flies very fast. Looking back to my high school days is just like a movie/serial. Because many things happened in those days. There are many good memories and some bad memories also in the High School life. High School life is the most important part of a student’s whole life. Because in this period we get to learn many things which helps us in future. Like every students I have also a very good memory in the first day of my High School. 

            After our 7th class board examination we got a long summer vacation of 3 months in those days. So we were very happy to enjoy the holidays and also feeling very sad because we are leaving our school in which, we had studied from class one to seventh. Then after 2 months our 7th class board examination result was also published and the time came to enroll our name in the high school. My father enrolled my name in the high school. Then our vacation was slowly coming to an end and my mind was filled with new excitement with a little bit of fear as this high school was fully new to me.

              Then our summer vacation ended and our high school was opened. I was also got ready to attain the first day of my new high school. I went to the school and like all students I also stood in the line for prayer. Then the Principal gave us a welcome speech and told us some major rules of the school. After the principal’s welcome speech all teachers introduced themselves to us. After that one teacher told us to go and find your roll number and sections on the notice board. We all went to see the noticeboard to find our roll number and sections in which we have to sit.

              After that we all went to our classrooms according to the notice provided on the notice board. Our class teacher came to the class and as this is the first class he also asked our name, our father’s name and our adress one by one to know about us. On the first day all teachers asked the same things like our name and adress only. On the first day of my high school I also made some friends which are very good. The most important thing I loved in the first day of my high school is it’s flower garden and the cleanliness of the school premises.

                So this is the memory of my first day in my high school And in another part I will also write about the memories of my high school life.

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