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The starry night ⭐️🌟

24th April 2024 | 6 Views

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I heard of starry night paintings and i have gone through it.its such a beautiful painting by von Gogh. I tried to #creat my #version of starry night.

The Starry Night #symoolizes Van Gogh’s #deteriorating #mental state. It also symbolizes his connection to #nature and his interest in traveling to the stars through death. ☠️ 

ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotThe Starry Night is #Post-Impressionist #art. It follows the #style  that focus on nature #depicted through color and light. It also #symbolises  the artist’s feelings toward the #subject.

Many people believe The Starry Night is an #expression of Van Gogh’s mental health. The #vibrant blues that  are used in this painting are common color during his #bouts of #mental #illness .it #reflects his #fascination with stars,# death, and #transcendence.

The #aesthetics of The Starry Night are most commonly #evident in the sky. Van Gogh has painted it with short, circular #brushstrokes of vibrant blue. He used# bright white and yellow for the circular stars.

one of the thing that makes that makes this art so beautiful is its use of colors.Von Gogh painted it when he was in saint #asylum in southern 🇫🇷 france.

For me, the painting of a starry  night is an expression of #hope that I think Von gogh was also thinking when he was looking through his window that in spite of the dark night  there is a little light that basically #depicts the hope in the life when there is darkness all around.

I decided to make this painting and it took many days to complete it.i added my version in it as i am a cat 🐱 lover i added the cat in it.everybody loved it.

its my immense pleasure that i m going to share my video in which i have completed this painting in step by step.

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