In the east of sun 🌞 & west of moon 🌙

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ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotOnce upon a time there was a farmer who lived with his two #daughters and wife. her #elder daughter name was Raha. She was a very pretty and kind girl. She has a beautiful voice and daily she used to sing a song in the village so everywhere there is a beautiful, #melody in the village and everyone #enjoys the voice of Raha while they work in their fields.

One day someone has #knocked the door of their home. The farmer went and open the door 🚪 .He was shocked to see that there was a #giant 🐻 bear standing in front of him. the bear sad hello Mr Jonathan don’t worry I will not #harm you .i daily hear the voice of your elder daughter she has a beautiful voice. I live #alone, in a Palace which is #behind the three #mountains as i live alone I want a company in my palace. I love the music and I love this voice of your beautiful daughter. If You will allow,I will take your daughter to my palace and I will give you the lot of #money , in return .the man was #stood quite and thinking 🤔 the bear said don’t worry I am not an #ordinary bear as you are saying that I am talking to you .i will not harm your daughter and she will be with me for one year after then she will return back to you.farmer said give me some time so that I can talk with my family bear said okay I will come tomorrow .

The man went inside the home and told the wife and Raha about the 🐻 bear.wife said no I am not ready to give my daughter to a #beast. Man said he is not an ordinary beast as he told me and he was looking  nice to me.Raha said it’s okay, Mom, I will go there as the dad is telling that this bear will give us money so our living #condition will be better and dad will be #financially supported. the farmers said to his wife , you remember what the #fortuneteller told us about the Raha the wife said I don’t want to hear anything about the fortune-teller. This is a #rubbish thing that has said z.what the fortune teller said Raha asked?tell me that .the farmer told that when she was born, he told him that you will be a princess one day so I think this is a good #opportunity that you will go with the bear otherwise you will live in the home with us and no one can #approach to you. Raha said I am ready to go with the bear and Mom, don’t worry about me you know I can #handle every situation  ,you just trust me.

next day bear again came And #knocked the door. Raha was ready to go with him .the bear said to Raha that sit on his back And hold his #fur tightly because he will run fast so they cross the three mountain and reached towards a beautiful palace.Raha was very much surprised to see that beautiful Palace. The bear gave her a #silver bell 🛎️ and said whatever you want just ring the bell ,that thing will appear in front of you.she Said  thanks to the bear as she was very hungry ,She rang the bell and there appear #yummiest  meal in front of her. After that she rang the bell as she wanted to sleep there appear a #comfy bed and she slept on.

Many months has passed she only Sings in front of the bear in the evening and he was happy with the Raha .but she was quite sad inside because she was missing her family. one day she went into the balcony and she Heard a sound of voilan.  she tried to look, but someone was behind the fountain. She was unable to see that next day bear askedwhy she is looking so sad then she told him that I am missing my family they said don’t worry I will take you to your home you meet with your family and then again come with me Raha said okay.

The next day bear took her to her home and she was happy to see that inspite of her small home there was A big #mansion there. her sister asked her how you are living there in the palace  it will be so much excited to live in a Palace .mother #interrupted the younger sister and said to her that don’t disturb her let let her finish her lunch .after the lunch, she  called her in the kitchen and asked her that  Is everything alright? She said yes mother everything is fine .mother said is there anything that you are hiding from me, Raha told mother everything about that #strange violin thing however bear asked her not to tell any single thing to anyone but she broke her #promise .her mother said okay next time when you hear the violin you go and watch who is there .Raha said I cannot do that mother said you hide yourself behind the fountain and see and then you are there to do your job ,you are not bound to follow bears rule.

next day she was in the palace when night came eventhough she was tired but she didn’t sleep and waited for the violin 🎻 sound.she heard it and she followed that sound and she saw the reflection of a #handsome boy in the water of fountain.she said quickly who are you.that boy changed suddenly into the bear and said to raha what you have done that i told you not to go outside your room any where.i was a prince but due to evil whisper of a witch i was converted into a bear.tomorrow it was the last day that my spell was going to i like you and started love you.only true love can break this spell but you have broken your promise now i will be a bear 🐻 for life.he was looking very sad. Rao was very sorry of her act. She asked him if anything she can do. He said it is very difficult for you to do that but if you will go to the east of San and west of moon there is a witch she can only break my spell as she has put that spell on me.Raha said I will definitely go there and I will help you for that. Don’t worry.

next day Raha started her journey she has to reach to the east of sun and west of moon in 6 days as bear told him.she kept on going.on 5th day she met with a old lady 👵 who told her that only #north wind can take her to there.she gave her horse 🐎 and said this horse will take you today to the north wind 💨.

The raha reached to the north wind 💨 and requested her to to take her to the witch 🧙’s palace.The north wind was very kind she took her to the palace but she didn’t came near to that she said i cant go beyond it.she has given a 🔑 key to the raha and said her that it will be in your use and then she blew away.

when the Raha entered into the Palace, witch said oh I was waiting for you, girl. I was looking at you that how you have reached to my palace because of your# bravery. I allow you to search for the prince in my palace till night as your time will be finished after that and then Prince will marry with my daughter.

Raha searches for the king everywhere and one of the servant in the palace helped her and told her that he is in the jail . Raha quickly went there and saw the Prince. He was in the jail. She opened the jail with the key that north wind has given herand freed him.

witch 🧙 came there in anger, but the prince said to her that I love this girl and only true love can free me from your spell so now it’s time to get me free .witch said okay I will free you but first this girl should have to do a #competition in singing a song with my daughter  ,if she will win then I will allow you to go with her. The prince was agreed. The prince started playing the violin and the Raha started to sing in her beautiful voice on the other hand the witch’s daughter has very horrible voice .witch was crying and said that oh God, my daughter is very unlucky and then she has to  freed the prince and finally he was free from a spell.

They went back to the Home and the Prince asked her parents that he wants to get marry with the raha and they were agreed and soon they were married and they were lived happily ever after. 

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