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Do not Want to be Career Woman—


25th April 2024 | 10 Views

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My friend Kamana says”I always think if some how I get paid for being #home maker, I wish to choose home maker my #career at professional front.I know people will tell me, are you out of your mind? They believe that work at home front is not of any #importance.

She further said”madam   I wish to be home maker , it does not mean I am #conservative or religious person.I strongly believe all  woman should be #allowed to do what she wishes to do.No body should #impose on her his/her wish.I feel happy  when I meet my friends who are #career women. They have made their #own way themselves. Financially they are not #dependent on man or any body else.

I said”Kamana like you I know many girls who are #happiest at home.They are so #creative at every type of home front assignments. They feel great creating comforts at home for others.They create great #meals and never get tired in making pickles and sauces of different vegetables and fruits.They are my #inspiration.I consult them for many good simple #cooking tricks.”

Kamana said”I grow many flowers in my home garden.I nurture them with lot of interest.Every morning I collect lovely flowers of different colors  from my garden.I change all flower vase flowers.Fresh flowers fragrance get spread in my whole house.House becomes #cool and cozy  palace.In front of my house I make rangoli designs with different color flower petals.That is suppose to bring #positive energy in house. Both my children love Pexels Larissa Farber 18148956(1)

rangoli art.They help me in this art when they get time to do so.

moral-If woman wishes to do #creative activities at home front she should to be encouraged to do so.

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