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ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotImg 0232ScreenshotOnce upon a time in a# kingdom the king was very# ill. He has one son and the prince was very worried about the illness Of his father .many doctors were called but no one was able to #treat the king.Then one of the old #genius doctor told the prince that this is a very #serious condition and the king can only be treated by the dust of of a rabbit’s #burrow and this should be of 10 years old .

the princesaid that I will do everything to save the life of my father. You just tell me from where I will get this. The old doctor said it’s very difficult to find that but you have to go in the jungle and you have to find it. The 🤴 prince says okay I will find the rabbit, but how I will know that the #dust Barrow, is 10 year old or not? The old doctor said that When you will find the rabbit you have to face the #challenges of the life and you have to bring it within 3 days.the prince said I am ready to face any challenge so he went into the jungle. 

He searched for the rabbit here and there but he didn’t found any rabbit. All of a sudden he saw a pretty rabbit who was running in front of him, he ran after him. The rabbit ran inside a cave when the prince entered into the cave he was shocked tto see a giant devil in front of him who has a single eye on his #forehead.the devil said welcome Prince but how you dare to enter in my cave the princess said I need the rabbit’s burrow dust to save the life of my father. Please let me take the dudt. I will come back and then you #punish me .the devil said do you think that I am such a# fool that I will leave you like this? He took the prince and closed him in a wooden box. This door was so hard and so #heavy. The prince was unable to open it. The  prince was in the box for two days and two nights .

on the third day the door was suddenly open when the prince came out, he saw a very #glowing , light outside when he rub his eyes a very beautiful princess in front of him he said who are you? A princess?
I am that rabbit to whom you chased in this cave this devil’s  enchantment made me a rabbit now take this duat and run away from here .the Print said thank you so much princess but how can I save you from this devil cave? The princess said you have to go and save the life of your father then you come to help me but after your father become alright .you have to wander the world and you will find the answer , to how to save me the prince took the dust and ran to the Palace as this was the last day.He gave the sand to the old doctor and the king was alright.

One day he asked the permission from the king that he has to go to help for the princess 👸 kings says you go my child and help that princess in any #cost, but come soon I will be waiting for you here .prince said to the king that I cannot go out with this prince #get up I have to change myself into an #ordinary person so nobody can #recognise me .king said do whatever you do my child. I am with you in everything .

 The prince #wander in many cities one day he reached into a city and went into a #restaurant and he met with a #fisherman. The fisherman asked him that from where you come he said I came here to learn some #trade. The fisherman said okay that’s great ,why don’t you learn how to catch a fish from me.the Prince  said okay please will you tell me how to catch the fish and then Prince learntto catch the fishes. When the time came to leave this place. The fisherman gave a #fishnet to the prince as a gift and said to him this is a very strong net. You can catch any fish no matter how strong it is .

After day and night travel he reached into an another kingdom in which there was a palace that was very much #decorated. He asked some person that why  this palace is decorated is there any occasion.The person told that this is the daily routine of the king that he ask to decorate the palace like this because , he says that in this world no one beautiful like the princess and because of this he do this and that nobody can find another beautiful girl like her princess. then a girl came forward and said to him that princess is very much in trouble because of this and she feels ashamed off because of his father’s this act but she can’t help it because this is the proud of a father . the prince said I will help in this matter .

he went inside the palace and said to the king that my majesty I know I maiden and who is more glowing and beautiful than your princess and I challenge you for that the king said okay go and find that girl and bring her into the palace. the Prince said okay I will bring her but you promise me my majesty that you will treat her as a royal guest the king promised him, the prince went for his journey .

He went to his kingdom back and went into the jungle in search of the devils cave but he was very surprised that in front of the devil cave there was so much water. around the cave everything was flooded in it .the prince decided to swim in it .

suddenly he heard a #voice there was an old lady standing in front of him she said princess told me that you will come to help  the princess .how do you know that I am that Prince and I will come here to help the princess the old lady said I am the #godmother of the princess and she told me that you have a smiling eyes  .when the princess helped you the devil closed her into a box so she can’t come from it .Prince said okay but there must be a way to get inside the cave.The godmother said yes I can enter from the burrow that the princess made when she became a rabbit, but I cannot come back from that way it’s very difficult .prince  said i have a #solution for it. You go inside and get enter  into the box and lie down with the princes and push the box into the water. I will catch the box. then godmother said but what about that shark that  is into the water? The Prince said  You don’t worry about it you just go and bring the princess into the water.

Godmother entered through the burrow and she went into the box and she pushed the box into the water till then , Prince theew the net into the water that the fisherman has given him and the shark was# entrapped in it then he went inside the water and pull the wooden  box to the #riverbank  and open the box and took out the godmother and the princess from that.

the princess said thank you to the prince for saving her life  the prince said  I need a favour from you please will you help me? And then Prince told her about the kings Promise. the princess said yes I can go there and it’s good that that king decorates and do the #arrangement  in the palace at night time, so I must be in my princess get up I will not be a rabbit at that time.

the prince said , can I help you to change you into a real princess? How can I remove your devils #enchantment? She said when I will pass from a gold# mist then I will be completely change into my real# state.

Prince  then went into the palace of that king , but Prince closed the princes into the box and he entered into the palace and he said to the king that my majesty I brought the princess and she is in this box. The king was very angry and everyone who is sitting there said to the king that he is making us #fool the king said if he is making us fool then he has to get the punishment .

prince said that there is one condition you have to help me for that , what is that condition? Asked the king.
Do you have a gold mist in your palace? King said yes we have . Prince said okay I need that gold mist but this gold mist should come through the pipes inside this room. The king said ok but the people who were sitting there said this man is making us fool the king said okay whatever he is doing he has to pay for this but first we have to do whatever he wants.

 The king asked the servants to bring the gold mist and fill the gold mist into the pipes they did so now the prince said okay now they have to blow these pipes so that mist should be in whole room. They did so suddenly when they blew the #pipes the whole room was #sparkling with the gold mist and the prince open the door of the box. The princess came out and she passed through this mist and she was completely converted into her real state, King was very surprise to see the beautiful princess and he said to her that you are such a beautiful lady and nobody can #challenge your beauty and you are as glowing as #sparkling sun .☀️

then king asked the prince about the whole story and the prince told him about the whole story. The king said that he is sorry for his rude behaviour with the prince as he didn’t knew that he is the real prince after that , the Prince and that glowing princess went back to their palace the Prince got married with the 👸 and they lived happily ever after they never looked towards the cave of the devil .😈 

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