The envious neighbour 👨

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Once upon a time in a village, they live a very old couple. They have no child. They both were very poor but live a very happy life .
once they found a #strey dog and they brought him to the house. The old man said this is our #bundle of joy. This will be very# lucky for us. The old lady was also happy to find a beautiful dog. they named this dog Romeo .
One day the old man was planting in the garden. The Romeo was also there. Romeo started #scratching the land and started #barking. The old man said what happened  my child why you are so much barking?  but ghe Romeo kept on #digging and scratching. The old man came near to the Romeo and he also started digging that area with the# shovel, he felt something hard  inside the land he kept on digging and finally there appeared a very beautiful box .when he opened the box. It was full of coins. 

He was very happy. He got the box inside the home and called the old lady and showed him the box full of coins, he said look I was telling you that this little# puppy will be the bundle of joy for us and he will be very lucky for us. They bought everything for the dog and also a fluffy been Bag for the Romeo so the Romeo was living like a little prince in the house. 
 In their #neighbour lived a very #envious person named Russo. He was very #jealous of these old man and his wife when he heard that they found a box of coins he thought to #steal from them so he made a plan that he will give the #cookies to the Romeo and then he will , #abduct him .in the night he came to their home he opened the door very slowly and he gave a cookie to the Romeo and Romeo ate that cookie and it was filled  with sleeping# potion so the Romeo was #fainted. He #grabbed the Romeo and took him to the house.🏠 

in the morning when the old couple woke up from the sleep they search for the Romeo everywhere  but didn’t found him anywhere. Russo also came to their house and said to them what are you searching for? They were very worried and they told him that they are searching for the Romeo. He said I saw him in the morning. He was# chasing a butterfly the old man said to the old lady he must be not so far. Let’s go and find him. They both went , for him .

The Russo #grabbed this #opportunity and went his home and hold Romeo with his# leash and went to the garden and said to the Romeo now also search for me a box full of coins the Romeo started scratching the land and luckily the Russo also found a box of coins after digging he was very happy. He opened the leash of the dog and then Left him to the old couples home when they returned. They found the Romeo the house and they were very happy.
 after a few days Russo thought  he should get  more coins so he went to the old couple house and said to them that Romeo is looking not so well. Should I take him to the walk? , the old man said  yes and said this is a very nice thing you can take the Romeo for the walk but the Romeo started talking and said I will not go with this mean person .who was very shocked to hear that the dog is talking he said to the old couple, how this dog and the old couple saw Russo in surprise that  what he’s talking about.  The old lady said what happened? My son? The dog is not talking. He is barking . Russo said no  I hear that this dog is talking. The old man said I think you are not feeling well. You go to Home take rest and feel better, then come next time you take him for the walk  .Russo  thought maybe he is not feeling well. He went home to take rest and in the next morning he again came for the dog, but when the dog saw him he said to him again you came the mean man .
the Russo  was very surprised he said did you hear he again talk? The old lady smiled. No my son he his barking not talking , the Russo said you both are lying to me. You are doing a #witch craft here. you both are evil. I will get the village people and will tell them that you people are doing witchcraft here.
 so the next day he bought the village head man to the old couple house  And said to him that these both old lady and man are doing the witchcraft here in the village old lady said he is telling a lie. No I’m not telling a lie. This dog is talking to me the dog said oh foolish man nobody will believe on you .Russo said did you listen? He again talk to me , now everyone was looking at the Russo with the #pity face. when the Russo saw that nobody is going to believe him then he started telling the truth to everyone that he has stolen this dog and this dog found a box in his garden too.
the village head man said ok show the box to us.when he went to home and brought the box and opened it in front of them it was full of sand.the old man said to the headman that Russo is trying to #nullify their #reputation here.he has also stolen our dog.
The head man got angry and said to Russo that you should feel ashamed off your act and now you are telling a lie.the russo said no im telling you the truth the dog can talk.the romeo said you mean man no body will believe on you.
the Russo said again did you people hear the dog talked again .other people were also #gathered there and everyone was thinking that russo should show himself to some doctor.
The head man #sentenced the Russo to get out of the village as he stolen the dog and he telling a lie.The Russo keep on crying and left the village.
The old man and lady lived happily ever after and they never knew that this dog was a magical dog.🐶 Img 0198ScreenshotScreenshot

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