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Pearls of Wisdom


25th April 2024 | 15 Views

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I am science teacher in government school.One day I met my girl student Usha at bus stop.It was a pleasant #surprise to meet my student after a long time.

Usha said”I am happily married madam. But certain #material things I wish to #buy and some #activities I wish to carry for myself, till today I have not been able to do so.Sometimes I talk to myself, though everything is all correct for me, Why I think when I will go to my #mothers house I will get so and so—- things.For that I strongly feel madam I am #postponing my freedom to #enjoy my life.”

I said “dear Usha I agree as time passes in life ,some times you  do feel that so #many things I have left behind and less is there in #front of me.I know Usha you wish to learn classical music also  and that has become your #distance future.

I further said”dear Usha remember you should lead your good life #right now,Please stop thinking for better life that may come in #future.Do not wait for #happiness.You should start wearing your good dresses now .Feel confident you can do it.Make habit of #passing smile to your students where ever you meet them. Hum #songs which you like while traveling or #cooking.Enjoy drawing #painting with your kids.Sing rhymes with your kids.That activity will make your #children learn rhymes  fast and you will relax yourself.According to me these are #pearls of wisdom.The same I am passing to you with lot of #affection.”

Usha said”you are right madam, some people wait all year for #holidays that they will visit #hill station to get happiness.I should not be like them .I should #start enjoying my life right now with what ever resources I have what ever #means I have.”

Yes! usha do not miss this big #gift given by God to you,  please accept it as it is. Just #enjoy right now in life. Please do not #postpone it any further.You do meet so many people in life, do not #expect anything from them. Format your #own path of life. Follow your #own path and enjoy life.

This way of life will give you #confidence and lot of #Girl With Colored Balloons Jumpingsatisfaction in life.

Moral-No point looking for distant future possibilities in life.Enjoy your life now,with what you are blessed .

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK