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Make Money Online By Writing Poems -Top 10 Proven Methods.

  1. Self-publishing:    Self-publishing your poetry collection is a great way to make money online. There are several platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Lulu that allow you to publish your poetry collection as an e-book or print book. 
2  –   Online poetry contests: Participating in online poetry contests can be a great way to make money. Many websites and magazines offer cash prizes for the best poetry submissions. 
  3-   Freelancing: Freelancing as a poet is another great way to make money online. You can offer your poetry writing services on platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.   


  4- Poetry readings: Many local libraries, schools and cultural centers often host poetry readings. You can earn money by reading your poetry at these events.    


5 – Blogging: Starting a poetry blog is a great way to share your work with a wider audience. You can monetize your blog through advertising, sponsorships and affiliate marketing.     


 6-Poetry subscription service: You can create a poetry subscription service where you send a new poem to subscribers every week or month. You can charge a small fee for this service.    
⁷-  Selling merchandise: You can sell merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs and tote bags with your poetry printed on them. Platforms such as Redbubble and Zazzle make it easy to sell your own designs.   


8-   Poetry podcast: You can create a podcast where you read your poetry and discuss the writing process with other poets. This can be a great way to build a following and make money through advertising and sponsorships.    


9-  Poetry translation: If you are fluent in more than one language, you can offer your services as a poetry translator. Many poets are willing to pay for professional translation services to reach a wider audience.     


 10-Poetry editing: You can offer your services as a poetry editor, helping other poets improve their work. This can be a great way to make money and help other poets at the same time.


  In conclusion, There are many ways to make money online by writing poems. Whether you want to self-publish your work, participate in online poetry contests, or offer your services as a freelancer, there are many opportunities available to poets who want to make money from their writing;

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