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The magical pencil ✏️

24th April 2024 | 5 Views

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Once upon a time there was a town named cloudy in which they lived A #painter whose name was James .he was very good at #painting and used to make the sketches of the people in the town and he used to make the sketches of the fruits vegetables and everything in the surrounding and everything looks so real. he used to earn from his paintings and #sketches that he make for the people, but this was not enough or as the town was so small that the money that he earned was not so #enough for his living .
daily he used to go at the sunset site and there was a tree and he used to sit under the tree and so many times he has used this tree in his sketches. He was making the scatches of the tree for so many years that he also started to talk with the tree , he always said to this tree that please dear tree move your leaves. I want a cool breeze and then the tree moves It’s leaves like it was listening to the James.
Actually, James didn’t know that someone lives over the tree and that was a #pixie. She was very #shy and she was very pretty and nice. She never talked to James but she loved his paintings whenever he makes the sketches she used to sit over the branches of the trees and watches it .
one day  James sat under the tree and started talking to the tree that I am not earning so much. I have to leave this town because the money that I am earning cannot fulfil my needs, but what can I do? This is my home this is my #town. I don’t want to leave this town. He was very sad. He stood up and went to his home. 
The pixie was also sad she never wanted that James should leave this town because she loved his paintings. She started thinking what she can do for James that he should be here. She thought she could help in making the paintings of the James but she can’t force the people to buy his paintings so she should work On this, how can she provide all the things he wants.
she went into the #hollow of the tree where she lived.She made a pencil with her magic and put this pencil under the tree when the James came and he saw this golden beautiful pencil. He thought that this must be of someone he should not touch this pencil. He was a very kind and #gentleman so he did not touch the pencil and he left the place earlier. he moved forward after a while he thought that someone must have taken his pencil now he should go back again towards the tree and he reached into the place where the tree was. He saw the pencil was still there then he thought maybe this pencil was not belong to someone he took this pencil and started drawing ✍️.
First, he drew a leave and he was very surprised that this leave was converted into the real one  then he again #drew a beautiful #flower and he was again very surprised and excited because the flower become real then he understood that this is a magical pencil whatever he will draw. It will converted into the real thing .he went home and he trying to Draw a circle and made some #irregular lines on it but nothing came out from the paper then he also understood that if he will draw something nicely then it will become a real thing. Then he drew a mango and in the next moment was  mango in his hand. 
He started drawing everything he wanted the food the clothes and all the #accessories he needed at home .
one day he was sitting on the sofa and he thought that he has taken so much #benefits from this magical pencil. Now he should help other people in the town so he went into the town and told the people who were #farmer about this magical pencil .the people started laughing that now you are a #storyteller too along with doing paintings, but he said if you are not believing me then I will show you.
 He knows that these farmers need a #tractor for their work so he drew a tractor on the paper and he said to the people  that slightly move away from here and all of sudden a real tractor was standing over there. The people were very happy to see that and with this way he started helping every poor  people in the town .he made Clothes he made the many things for the needy and poor people .
One day a  tourist came into this town and he thought why this town is so much beautiful and everyone in this town is happy and content. He asked from someone as the people here were so simple and #innocent. One of the man told him about the magical pencil of the James so he went  after James and hid himself behind the tree when the James was going back to the Home , he #abducted the james. He took the pencil from his hand and said that give me that pencil. I will use it now he said I will draw a beautiful #necklace of the #diamonds but he was not good at drawing. He made a line like a rope and that was converted into a snack he was very #afraid of that , James quickly #picked the pencil and draw a #jail .The real jail came out and James put this jail over the tourist and called the #police and told them that how he has abducted him and he took his pencil from him. The police has arrested the tourist.
Now the James thought this pencil can be #dangerous in many ways so he decided to keep the pencil back under the tree. He then took the pencil went towards the tree and buried this pencil over there. He never knew that the pixie was always there . Some of the people still believe that pencil is still under the stone in the tree, but James never used it again as he was not a greedy person. He helped all the poor and needy people and he fulfilled all his wishes so he lived a happy life there after.

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