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The cat 🐱 princess 👸

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Once upon a time for away in a village, there lived a girl named Dorothy with her . Dorothy was a very #poor girl. Her parents has died when she was very #young. She was a very# kind, #intelligent, #beautiful and #smart girl.

She was working as a #housemaid ina house. The house lady was very #rude and her daughter too .the house lady ‘s daughter name was Jessica. Jessica was very lazy and she doesn’t even drink a glass of water by herself. Both mother and daughter used to #tease Dorothy but Dorothy was a very #passionate girl, she always did her job with passion and didn’t say any word to them . Dorothy was Very hard-working and #quiet girl.
Daily she Used to take some #medicine and some food for her grandmother and both of these were very happy and #content in their life.

One day Dorothy was cleaning the #dining table after the mother and daughter has finished her lunch. A beautiful cat came inside the home. She was a beautiful white #persion cat with some #jewellery hanging in her neck. The cat was so beautiful that jessica insisted her mother that she want to make this Her pet ,but her Mother was not ready for this she said it’s very difficult to keep cat at home who will #feed her who will clean her. The Jessica said Dorothy is there she will do that. Dorothy suddenly looked up and looked at the cat. She was shocked that there was no cat there but there was a beautiful princess standing over there and this beautiful princess was looking to them, as a cat, Dorothy was very worried that what happened to her why she is thinking that the cat is a princess a human but she kept quite .
Jessica took the cat to her room when the Dorothy finished her work she went inside the room of Jessica. Jessica was not in the room but the cat was sitting on the bed. Dorothy asked her and #whisper are you are human? Are you a princess ?or I am #mad?.
The cat jumped in happiness and came near to the Dorothy and said yes I am a princess. I knew that you are looking me as a human. You are a kind girl. Only the kind people can see me as a cat. Actually my brother has changed into also a Cat by an evil #spell. I am searching for my brother and I smelt a kind smell in this house so I entered in this house so this beautiful #smell of yours. Will you help me to find my #brother because if you can see me as a princess, you can also see my brother as a boy.
The Dorothy said yes, I will help you but what I have to do the princess said first you have to tell me what is your name? And what are you doing here with these #rude ladies? The Dorothy told her that my name is Dorothy and I live with my poor old grandma, we are so poor that even we can’t have meal of one day in our house so I have to work here and I #earn some money and get some medicine for my grandma and some #food for her .
The Princess said okay, I will help you for that. First is necessary to help you then you will help me. Let’s go to your home. in the middle of their way the princess dine some magic on the #sand and a box has produced . this box was full with the coins. She has taken one fist 👊 of #coin in her hand and gave it to the Dorothy and said her give this coin to your grandma, but this is not the #ultimate #solution of your situation. We have to do something, else .
When they reached home, the cat says you have to enter you in your home. I will be outside your home because then your grandma will be worried to see me and into the home and she has given the coin to the grandma and the grandma was very happy she asked her from where you got it. She said that some of the #luck has came to me,  grandmother was happy and #thankful to God .
When the grandmas slept, the princess entered into the house and she saw some dresses inside the home she has the Dorothy who made these dresses. Dorothy told that I made these I love to design the Cloth. The cat says it’s a very #wonderful thing then she done some magic and a box appeared and this box was full of beautiful #Clothes that Were #unstitched.
Cat Said to the Dorothy that now think a beautiful design your mind and close your eyes dirty did that then princess asked her to open her eyes that said I have a beautiful design in my mind. The cat said you do not need to tell me just close your eyes whatever Dorothy thought of the design that design was appeared  into the Cloth and dress was prepared. similarly 10 to 20 dresses were made.they both went into the market and sold them daily. Dorthy used to make 10 to 20 dresses and she sell them into the market. She earn so much money she has changed her house. Her# financial conditions were very much better she kept a housemaid for her grandmother and they were very happy.

The  cat princess 👸 said that I have completed my promise now it’s your turn to find my brother. Dorothy saidI am ready for that. Dorothy went to her grandma and said that I am going to the other kingdom to sell my clothes I will come by tomorrow and  Susie will take care of you.Susie who was housemaid said don’t worry Dorothy Mam I will take care of the grandma 👵.

Then Dorothy and cat princesses went to the another# kingdom when they entered into the kingdom into the city they #search all over the places for the princes brother but they found her nowhere .suddenly the cat princess has shouted that here he is there was a male cat , who was also wearing a jewellery in his neck.Dorothy, can you see my brother into this cat as a human Dorothy said I am really sorry cat princess I cannot see your brother as a human. I only see a cat over there .his brother said oh my sister I love you so much, I was waiting for you. This young girl cannot break my spell by recognising me as a human only old person , who is kind canbreak my spell the cat princess was very sad and they all went back towards the Dorothy‘s home. They lost her #hope for the changing of the prince. 🤴 

When they entered into the Dorothy’ home 🏡 and went into the grandmas room to meet her the grandma stood up and said in excitement welcome to the prince and princess at our home. Suddenly the Prince was converted into a #real prince. He was no more a cat .the spell has been broken. The princess 👸 was very happy, she she was very thankful to grandma because of her his brother ‘s spell has been broken now they both went towards their palace and the princess promised Dorothy that she will keep on meeting her and Dorothy will also come to their pace. This friendship was remained for many years till Dorothy was grown-up and the Prince was married to the Dorothy and now the Dorothy was also a princess, they lived happily ever after ..

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