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How Much Priveledged Are You?

25th April 2024 | 10 Views

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I am science teacher in government school.When some relatives visit our house I request dear Manna a #cook in my society to help me out in #cooking.Manna is humble lady and does her cooking activity in society with lot of honesty.Therefore Manna is popular cook of our residential society.

Manna says” Madam I cook breakfast,lunch and dinner for so many families in your society.It takes me one hour to one and half hour to do needful.Madam for my own family I cook three times a day.At home I do get help from my mother in law . #Cooking is not my #hobby.I earn #money through this activity.”

I said “Manna what is your hobby dear.”

Manna said”I am not privileged lady like other women in society who has no time to cook. #Cooking food is for sure is not my #hobby madam.Answering your question,I do sing some #Gujrati folk songs ,this singing give me lot of joy and #energy.You can say #singing folk songs is my hobby.”

Other day I met my friend Sunita  in a party. Sunita is posted in other end of #globe.She is working as model and is working in IT company.I asked “dear Sunita what do you do in your free time”.Sunita said” #Cooking is my favorite hobby.”

After hearing Manna and Sunita, I realized the #Weight of being privileged.Lack of #privilege makes #cooking a #necessity and survival need for Manna.For #non-privileged Manna cooking for several houses at different times is her #need.She has to do it to let her both hands meet.Manna has #no weak end leaves.It is not sure when will she #retire her self from cooking duties.

For #privileged Sunita doing any work is not her need. Sunita has chosen to  work for  IT company to spend time usefully and keep herself #entertained.Cooking for Sunita is #fun activity.

From example of cooking activity discussed above it follows that  for #non privileged cooking is #necessity,while for #privileged one same activity- #cooking is not necessary activity.It is a fun activity.

After hearing both the versions, I realized the weight of privilege.

The lack of privilege makes cooking a necessity and survival need for one woman, while the presence of privilege makes cooking a hobby or a fun activity for another woman.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK




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