Son of soap 🧼 seller.

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Once upon A time in persia their lived a  soap #seller with his son .they used to sell the soap for whole day, but in those days people most of the time do not use the soap much for #washing their #face or other things, but they use #dust for washing the things .
the soap seller son was not satisfied with this profession .one day he said to his father that he will go to the city for the job better than this .
so he was going to the city in the middle of the jungle he saw that few women were washing their clothes along the river bank. then there  were bunch of people came along with the royal cart.

A beautiful princess came out and she asked the women to give some water for drinking when she was drinking water. Suddenly a lion came in front of the princes and the lion# attacked the princess .the soap seller son whose name was Ramiz was watching this he took one torch fire from the side and moved toward the Lion 🦁 and threw it  over to the lion. The line ran away , the princess was #worried . Ramiz has given her water to drink and to make her #relaxed .

one of the servant came to the princes and said to her that we should leave this place as soon as possible then she said thanks  Ramiz.He  was thinking that how beautiful the princess was.
 he went to the city he helped some fruit seller and some food sellar in the city shop and daily he bring some food from the city for his father and himself and they used to eat it and they were living their life . 
one day an old man came to the shop and he said to the Ramiz that i  daily look at you you work hard so much. why you don’t go to the capital city you will earn more over there ,ramiz said okay so I will go to the capital city .He told  his father  about the old man. They both decided to go to the city while they were going to the capital city in the middle. There came a desert his father was sleeping and then he hear some groan. 

He moved towards the #voice  and he saw an old man was sitting there and he was very thirsty. He has a stick with him that has a head of falcon made up of marble.He asked the Ramiz for some water. The Ramiz has given him his flask , however the water was very small but the old man has it and he gave a cup to the Ramiz and said to him that this is a magical cup you can keep it with will show you something when you put some water in it, thank you to him and all of a sudden that old man was converted into the flower  forward towards the capital city. 

The middle of the the jungle #the same lion 🦁 came in front of him and attacked on him. The was the Same lion who attacked the princess this time princess threw the torch fire on   lion  and it ran away.  the ramiz asked her what are you doing here princess? Thank you for saving my life. The princess said look over there  and there were the tents .she told that they are going to the capital city .she said why you are not joining us , so they moved the city and the city was the lighten up with the fire.

The king said to the Ramiz till that he can find a job. They can live in the guest house.He was so happy that he can find the job very easily , he was looking into the cup by dropping some amount of water in it. He saw something is coming some shadow into the room and he has knife in his hand and he is trying to kill the king.

 He went towards the king and told him that there is danger to your life someone is trying to kill you  .king laughed and said don’t worry nobody will kill me. Everybody loves me here and all are #dignified.But Ramiz was was very alert in front of the room in the night, he saw #shadow of a person and that person was moving towards the Kings room that was an old man entered into the room and he tried to kill the king all of a sudden the Ramizin came front of him  and snatch the knife from his hand and this man is converted into the same lion who tried to attack the princes in the jungle .he said why you come in my way I want to kill this king and I want to rule on this kingdom and then this lion has attacked the king . all of a sudden from the cup that old man has given to the Ramies a #falcon came out and this falcon has a attacked on the eyes of the lion and the lion ran away frinn the window to the outside.
Kingwas very happy with ramiz and he said that now you will be the prime minister of the city and ramiz was very happy. He found a very honourable job because of his honesty and #bravery .
The king had decided that to marry princess with him.princess was also happy and she also agreed to marry with the Ramiz.

because of his good# intentions  he got a reward and he lived happily ever after with the princess .👸 

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