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The magical tea pary

24th April 2024 | 5 Views

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Once upon a time there was a #kingdom that was very beautiful .the king was of very young age was always very #unhappy person .he always see the #negativity in everything whenever he comes into his #terrace and he looked towards his kingdom. 

He always say why my kingdom is so #dull and #grey .why everything is not so beautiful actually when the king was born there was devil’s curse upon him so he used to see everything in a negative way .

one day he was standing at his #balcony and looking at the kingdom he said to himself I am so #unlucky king because my kingdom is not good and its grey why is this with me?

 He was talking to himself suddenly he hear a song by a  girl she was singing and dancing into the garden. She was singing that
“ where is the king? Where is the king?
 Why he is not watching the beauty of kingdom ,why he always saysthat the kingdom is not beautiful ,
his kingdom is beautiful
 his  kingdom is beautiful.
 The king ran towards that girl and finally he reached to that girl she was very beautiful .king asked her that you were singing the song, she said yes I was singing the song. The king said why you are saying that my kingdom is beautiful. My kingdom is so grey and dull she said your kingdom is so beautiful can’t you see? He says that come with me and look from the balcony of our palace you will see that my kingdom is very dull and grey.

 They went upward and when she looked down the kingdom was so beautiful that she said there are beautiful pink petals and purple groups of flowers , daisies everywhere there are so many beautiful butterflies there and there is a beautiful #Rainbow 🌈 on the sky. Why can’t you see this? My Lord? He said I can’t see it. 

You must be cursed. Said the girl.I I take you to the wizard he will definitely remove your curse when they went towards the wizard house. He was doing a tea party. His house was very beautiful. It was fully arranged with the beautiful #lantern and lights and there was a slightly soft music playing in his house, it was a #perfect house.but when the king entered into the house, The wizard asked? why is the king so sad .the girl said that he can’t see the beautiful things. He is cursed can you help? 

He said okay. first, you have to take my magical tea.he has given them the magical tea after drinking the magical tree. There was a light around the king and the girl they both were floating into this #flash of light. The wizard said that this flash of light will take you to the devils house otherwise it is impossible that you people can reach to the devil house when you reach to the devil house this flash of light will disappear and you asked the devil to remove your curse.

 all of a sudden with the flash of light. They both reach to the devil house. the devil was standing upside down. He was doing some whispering .the girls asked will you please help? The king is cursed will you remove his curse so that he can see the beauty of his kingdom? The devil said now it’s impossible because when he was born, I was angry and I saw this kid and I cursed him now I cannot remove this curse, but I can do one thing that I can change his eyes with you. 

The king said no if you will change her eyes , with me, she can’t see the beauty of the kingdom, but the devil didn’t listen to this and change the eyes of the girls with the king and all of a sudden the king saw Hello that everything was so beautiful all around him he asked the girl can you see the beauty all around us the girl lied to him that yes I can see this  .otherwise the girl was unable to see the beauty all around her because she has now the eyes of the king. 

Telugu They went back to the kingdom and the king then married to that girl and she never told him that she can’t see the beauty. she always lied to him that everything is so beautiful and perfect as she was in love with the king she never told him that she can’t see the beauty of everything , but king was happy now and he was ruling the kingdom very nicely and every person in the kingdom was very happy with the king .

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