The sweet porridge 🥣

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Once upon a time there were two sisters named Ella and Jen. Jen was the elder sister while Ella was the #younger one .

Jen always #consider herself smart and intelligent and she never consider anyone more #intelligent than her while the Ella was very kind and very #forgetful girl. she was very nice.

 Both sisters were very poor. They have to sleep with  the empty stomach day Ella was very hungry, her stomach was producing the# gargling sounds. She thought that she has to go out for a #walk so that her hunger will be #decreased

She came out she has only a #flask of water. She was moving forward and forward and drinking water. Suddenly an  old lady came in front of her. This old lady was very #appalling and in a very long #rob .Ella was very# afraid to see that old lady .she has thought to run but the old lady said to her in a very kind #voice that please  dear will you give me some water as i m very #thirsty and #tired .
it’s not a big deal to give a water to the old lady who is thirst Ella thought. she has given the flask to this old lady and she has drank water .after drinking water that old lady has #converted into a young #witch.

she said to Ella  that you are a very nice girl. You have given me the water. I was# checking on you .Now tell me your # wish I will fulfil it.
Ella told her how much they are poor and she is very hungry , witch has said to her that when you  will #reach home you will find a pot on your #table. This will produce the Sweet #porridge for you. 
 you and your sister will never be #hungry. You have to take care of that pot.and you should make yourself #able for this pot. otherwise this port will disappear from your life .Ella said thank you so much. I want to go back to the home. I’m too hungry and I want to eat the porridge with my sister. She ran towards Home and then she entered into the home and saw a pot on the table.jen asked from where it came?, Ella said this is a magical pot  .jen was laughing #sarcastically on the Ella. She said okay then from where you got this then Ella told her that an old lady who has turned into a young witch has given this magical port to her .

 I will say to this pot that give me the porridge  abd this pot will give me the sweet porridge  .Jensaid I cannot believe you show me how you will produce the porridge from this #empty pot .

Ella said “ little pot  little pot make some porridge and in a minute pot started to produce the porridge. Both were very happy they have not eaten such a tasty sweet porridge before.

Daily they used to eat it with happiness. one  day Ella thought she has to move out for walk and she thought she should tell the spell to that Jen for the porridge so that she can eat it but when she came in front of the pot and Jen asked her what are you thinking? what do you want to tell me  she said nothing and came outside. She thought that in the morning they have eaten a lot of Sweet porridge so in the night her sister will not need much .

She came out  for walk. Jen woke up from her nap and she came towards the kitchen she looked for Ella, but she was not at home so she thought that she should ask the pot to make  porridge for her she came in front of the pot and asked the pot, little little pot  make some porridge , pot has started to make the porridge for her and she has eaten a lot but she don’t know to stop the pot to make porridge .it has been started to spill over and in a few moments the room was filled with the porridge lot of hot porridge was coming outside the pot and all of the room was filled with the porridge and Ella came from outside  she smell of the porridge she went towards the window and looked inside she saw that jen was sitting on the table and there was a lot of porridge. All the chairs and the table were #floating.The Home was sinking into it.Ella asked the pit to stop.

Both sisters were very worried now what we have to do and jen said to Ella I think we should call the poor people  of village and we should just distribute this to them.Ella call all the poor people to their home .Jen was standing inside the house and Ella was standing outside the house. She was taking the bowl of the porridge from the jen and then distributing it to all the people . all the poor people were getting the porridge in their bowl from both sisters and they were very happy because now they were not hungry .the whole house was clean now.

all of a sudden an old man came towards them and said to them that dear daughters I need your pot which is producing the porridge because my grandchildren are very hungry and they are very sick. If I will get your pot to them I will give them sweet porridge .both sister thought if we will give the pot to this old man then they will be hungry again but they thought that the children need the  pot, more than them so they handed over the pot to the old man all of a sudden this old man is changed into the young .witch said to the girl that you both are very kind girls and I am happy that you have distributed the porridge to all other poor people and you have helped them  now this will be with you for rest of life and now this time whatever you will ask to this pot to make any of the dish this pot will provide you.

Both  sisters were very happy and from day they have eaten all the things not alone, but they have shared the things with all the poor people in the house . 

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