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How can you be Stressless?—–


25th April 2024 | 9 Views

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My friend Rekha does night duty in IT company .Her husband is a gentleman. Rekha’s husband do  day duty in another company.It so happened Rekha has to help her mother in law in day to day chores at day time also.When her husband comes back home she has to help her mother in law in little task for preparing dinner.Some how Rekha hardly get any #rest in day time.Of course ! she has to do night duty at office.

On phone my dear student Rekha said”I do not understand madam why I always feel #exhausted. “

I said”dear Rekha,mathematics involved in your day to day life #dynamic is very simple.You are working at night and therefore you should get full 8 hours rest in day time.But some how you are not able to set your boundaries therefore  please put request at home front that I need 8 hours rest to work #efficiently at home and #work front.In order to do so please request your mother in law to arrange for #extra help for day to day work from out side.Presently you are putting your #stress under carpet and trying your best to full fill all duties assigned to you .In this process you are putting  yourself  #physically and #emotionally under #stress.Please stop doing this.”

Rekha said”I am understanding that madam  you are telling me truth about my day to day #dynamics of my life.I have no #courage to spell out at home front  that I have limited #energy and therefore will be able to do only #limited work.”

I said “dear Rekha it is high time you settle issues involved in your situations and please unnecessarily don’t put  yourself in #stress.Please do not try to become #super woman.Otherwise my dear friend you will buy some #physical health issues.Which is not good for your #personal health and for your family”.


After two months I got phone call from dear Rekha and she said”madam slowly I am taking little steps for my #self care.It is helping me bit.Some times I do say no to some #activities of my daily life.That saves my time and I utilize that time in #self care.Thank you very much for your kind advise.”

I said”dear Rekha please #concentrate on self care and health of all family members and save yourself from #unnecessary show biz #exercises. I know it is very difficult for woman to do so .But I am sure one can try least.One never know sometimes little action taken for #stress free life may come in right direction.”

Moral-Woman’s physical and mental well being is correlated with her #self care.To implement same please do not #hesitate to say no to some #activities at home front if circumstances compels one to do so.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK



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