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Understanding Why Some Person Cheat—


26th April 2024 | 8 Views

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 I have friend karuna. Unfortunately her husband in habit of cheating with her in terms of #financial promises. He will promise Karuna for x amount of money but will never give her the same amount. Somehow he will spend money on other things which he never #disclose to Karuna. 

Sometimes Karuna get depressed and say”madam sometimes I feel that somehow I am not able to handle my husband. He thinks that  Karuna will not understand my cheating trick. “

I always tell “Karuna think like this. When we were small kids many of our class mates will never prepare for monthly test and will always be asking #answer for questions. They simply behave in that manner because they never #prepare themselves for test. You please try to #understand this problem in the same way , that your husband want to be in relation with you in #financial matters but he is not prepared for test for financial matters relationship , therefore he #cheats for same. He think that he can maintain good financial relationship with you without #undergoing test. Therefore dear Karuna please stop #blaming yourself for same as #fault lies with your husband behavior. “

Moral-If one wishes to be in any form of relationship with another person, one should be prepared to appear for test. Test is pre – requisite of any type of relationship.


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK