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Stop Worrying

25th April 2024 | 18 Views

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 I had a friend Aruna. Her daughter Alka was student of class 3 in my school. Alka lived in joint family. Whenever Alka will dance and sing in family function all her cousins will tease little Alka that she does not know how to #dance or #sing

In school co curricular activities Alka started avoiding participation in same.I could place why Alka is so hesitant to participate in #dance and #singing activity in school.I will say”dear Alka please stop worrying about what other #people might think of you?Please participate in #dance activity with open heart.Sing  loudly with rhythmic #classical nodes which appeal to your ears,and please do not  feel shy in doing so.

With all my encouragements Alka started activities like painting,  drawing and creative writing in school.

Alka told me”madam some of my friends do not like me.I do not know reason for same.They laugh or mock and always find out flaws in all activities I try hands on.With your kind encouragements I have gathered little courage to #ignore them.”

Alka further said”madam my mother and #grandmother also help and encourage me to do activities in which I find #pleasure.Now I do not bother what #others are saying in #negative tone.I have learnt to concentrate on my own activity.I am comfortable with myself when I do any activity.”

I said “dear Alka, it is good you have decided to stop #worrying about what your friends might think about your activity.You are now #confident and focused student now.You will be able to walk in any new #path which comes in your way.”

Moral-One should make habit to stop worry about what others will say about oneself.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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