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Expecting Sorry??

25th April 2024 | 11 Views

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 I teach science in government school and I am incharge of vo curricular activities of school. 

Two Sisters #Sita and Gita are student of class 9 th in my school. Once Sita was upset and her sister Gita and her friends told me “madam Sita is upset as she has #faught with her sister Gita. “

I called Sita and asked about why is she so upset. Sita said”madam I am upset my sister Gita start #fight and she knows she is wrong , inspite of that my sister never #apologies and say sorry. ‘

I said ” Dear Sita it’s ok if Gita does not apologize to you. But you should remember when you are expecting #apology from Gita in process you are hurting yourself #emotionaly. In the process your revolt feeling are acting like #poison to you. That is effecting your #health and mood. You are loosing many things. Therefore I sincerely advise you never get into this #mess. Her apologies are not going to help you in any case. Therefore I sincerely advise you to keep yourself #calm. “

Fortunately Sita acted on my #advise and told me madam your advise is best. 

Moral-Expecting sorry from other person is #futile exercise. In this exercise of expectations one #hurt oneself emotionally and gain nothing.


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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