The devil’s three hair 👿

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e upon a time there was a #peasant.after 5 years he was blessed with a baby boy.he and his wife both were very happy.The boy has a# royal mark on his neck.they named him Leo.

People used to say that this boy one day will be luck and will get married to the princess.


the king also heard this news and got angry.he imposter himself into a #land lord and reached to the Leo ‘s house.He offered the parents lots of money and asked them to give their boy and said that he will look after him properly.The parents thought for a while and then decided to give the boy the the# landlord .

The king carried the boy in his lap and near the# city gate he put the little boy into a# cart because he wanted to get rid of this boy .He never wanted to marry this poor boy to his daughter. But the boy was lucky one of the couple has seen him on the card and they brought him to their house and looked after him.


After so many years one day king was going for# hunting .In his way to jungle he met the# young boy.king was #thirsty and asked him for some water.The boy gave water to the king and bowed his head in In front of the king and the king was shocked to see the royal mark on the neck of this boy kings understood that he is the same guy but he was worried that how this boy can come in front of him again he left him on the gate of of the city. The king was very Clever he wrote a letter And put the Royal stamp on it and give it to the boy and said him please will you do something for me give this letter to the queen immediately because I will go to the palace after few days and this is a very urgent letter that I want to give to the queen.


The boy took the letter and when to the palace but in the night he was very tired and in the middle of the jungle there was a house he knocked the door and there came out very strange man he has very big ear and was bald. Leo asked the man can I come and the man said okay you can come but don’t you know who I am and everyone is afraid of me Leo said yes I know you are the ginger and everyone said that you are a cruel man but I believe that you are not a cruel man we should not judge anyone by his appearance the ginger was very happy to hear some kind words from the leo s mouth he offered him some meal and prepare a bed for him to sleep .

when the Leo was sleeping the ginger sawthe letter in his bag with the royal stamp the ginger was curious to know about the letter he opened the letter and he was shocked to read that it was written in it that this boy is coming to you and #imprison him for all of the life Leo said this is a very kind boy and the king is very cruel man he want to kill him so he wrote a letter and put a royal stamp on it in the early morning when the Leo woke up he say goodbye to the ginger .and went to the palace when he reached the palace he met the queen 👸 and gave her the letter when the queen 👸 open the letter she read it aloud that married this boy to the Princess and the queen called the Princess and told her that your father has sent this message that you have to marry this boy the Princess was happy to see the Leo because the Leo was very nice boy so they both got married .


After the 10 days when the king reached there and he knew that his Princess married he was very angry and the queen said him that you have sent us this letter .Now what he has done he made an another lie and said to the Leo that one of the old man said me that the Princess will die very early in the life and her life can be saved when she will keep the 3 hair of the devil so can you bring the 3 here of the devil for my daughter .Leo said I will save my Princess I will go and bring the 3 hair of the devil so he started his journey and went to the jungle and in the middle of the jungle he saw a cave and outside The Cave there was an old lady who was trying to catch the #mangoes 🥭 she has 3 mangoes in her hand and she was trying to get the another one when she here the voice of the steps she turned around and said that I was not stealing the mangoes  the understood that she was stealing the mangoes he asked who are you ? She said I am the grandmother of the devil he said OK can you please get me to the devil she said no I cannot get you to the devil then Leo said okay I will find 😈 deviland I will tell him that you were stealing his mangos.she  said OK I will take you to the devil 😈 .


while the Leo was coming towards The Cave of the devil in the middle of the way he reached into a city and at the city gate he met with  gatekeeper the #gate keeper said that you can enter into the city but first you have to solve this Riddle this is the fountain once this #Fountain used to give us a very large amount of wine and water but now the fountain is very dry why is it so if you will answer the question of this Riddle then I will allow to go forward .the  Leo was very clever he said someone has said me if I will answer any Riddle then that man who is listening to the answer of this Riddle will convert into a Donkey.the man said OK OK you can go


then the Leo moved forward and then he reached into a place where fishermen was sitting on the river bank he said I will take you to the other side of the river first you have to tell me one Riddle answer that wherever I keep the people in my boat my boat moves here and there and I cannot take the people to their #destination why this happens the Leo again say the same thing to the fisherman that if he will answer him and then he will convert into a  donkey the fisherman said okay you can go ahead and then he moved forward .


in the middle of the jungle he saw another man he has soward in his hand he said to leo that I will not allow you to go forward first you have to tell  me why this apple tree is not giving us that apple now why it’s becoming dry the Leo said okay I will give you the answer but first I have to meet  the devil I will come back and I will give the answer for this #riddle .the man said okay you can go so when the Leo was telling all these things to the grandmother he said to the grandmother that I want the answer of these 3 riddles from the devil and I want the 3 here of the devil too because king told me that princess will die soon but the devil hair can save her.


the grandmother said OK I will help you but you will not tell the devil that I was stealing is mangoes he said okay so when the devil came the Leo was hiding behind The Cave the grandmother came near to the devil who was sleeping.she #plucked his one hair the devil woke up and said okay and now what happened to you why you picked my hair she said nothing I wanted to ask you something that there is a fountain and few days back there is nothing coming from it otherwise it used to give the people lots of wine and water .the devil said there is a frog in the hole of the fountain someone has to remove it  that the fountain will work again .

grandma said okay then after few minutes she again plucked other hair the devil woke up and  got angry 😡  and said to old grandma what happened to you why you have plucked my hair again she said okay tell me there is a tree of apple but now its not giving the apple why is it so he said because there is also a frog in the roots of the tree someone has to remove it and And then devil picked one more hair from his head and gave it to the grandma and said I know you will pick it again and will disturb my sleep but she said now there is a last question son tell me there is a person who rows  boat  but whenever the people sit on his boat he moves back and forth why is it so the devil said his boat is cursed he should give the boat to someone to remove his# curse .


the grandma took the 3 hair and went outside and gave these hair  to the boy Leo and advised him that beware of his father in law because the king is very clever who put this boy into a danger the boy went back to the palace in the middle of the way he met with the person who asked about the fountain he told him the solution the person remove the frog from the fountain whole and the fountain was working again it was giving lots of wine and water.


 then he moved forward again and he met with the person who asked was about the apple tree and the person remove the 🐸 frogfrom the roots and the tree was green again giving the apples .


and then he met with the person who asked about the boat he told him that the boat is cursed he should give this boat someone to remove the curse and the man did the same and the curse was removed.


 and finally the leo reached to the palace and gave 3 hair to the king the king was very surprised and shocked to see the devil’s hair and and that moment the king ask for the forgiveness from the boy and said that he lied  to him please forgive me and he made boy the next  king of the city and leo  was a very kind ruler and he lived happily ever after with the Princess.👸

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