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Motivational Tips

11th May 2024 | 3 Views

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  • To err is human: An average human being commits mistakes. But only few are the lucky ones who get the chance of correcting them. If you get the chance to correct the mistake then definitely do it.
  • Reward yourself: Never undermine your achievements. Love yourself. Do not belittle yourself.
  • Thankfulness: Always be thankful to all the resources you have. 
  • Good deeds: Good deeds are your real earning. Only deeds will be with you in your journey of life. These will be the decisive factor in your past, present and future.
  • Have patience: patience is a great asset in dealing sensitive issues of life. Accepting situations and people as they are without any complaints, or being provoked. Trying to deal with the situation with cool and calm mind.
  • Discuss genuine issues: Try to discuss your concerns and anxiety with dear and near ones, someone trustworthy.
  • Declutter your work space: Have some breathing space for yourself. Keeping your space organised and eliminating things from your space that keeps you distracted from your goal. Declutter your home, work space keeps you focus. Lot of objects and things in your surroundings distract your mind.
  • Clarity of thought; cluttered emotions also takes you away from your goal.
  • Good Company: Avoid people with cluttered emotions. A good company can make your life while people with cluttered thoughts may suck up all your energy. Such people will distract you. 
  • Stay focused: if you stay focused in your life you will remain confident. Confusing behaviour takes away your decision making power.
  • Perseverance: It’s really tough to remain dedicated towards your when you are facing criticism or disapproval for a longer time. There is no need to give up your goal but needs improvement. There is always a room for betterment. Consistency with improvement little by little  without being demoralised is the perseverance.
Sonal Shrivastava



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