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Once upon a time, there was a palace in which there was a golden tree with golden apple. The king was very happy and daily he used to ask the count of apples in the tree. 

One day, the gardener came To the king and told him that there is One apple is missing. The king was very angry. He asked the soldiers to know about who is the stealer. 

The gardener said I will ask one of my elder son who will take care of the tree in the night. He will guard the tree so the elder son was guarding the tree at night when it was 12 o’clock he got slept.Another day one more apple was missing.
 Now  this time king was very angry.

 The gardener begged to the king that he will ask his second son who will take care of the tree. The king was agreed and on the next night the second son was guarding the tree, but when the night came, he also slept .

Now this time the Gardner, youngest son, who was the last son volunteered himself to take care of the tree. He was sure that he will surely catch the Thief.

When the night came at 10 o’clock there was a sound in the tree, the leaves were moving The youngest boy become alert and set his arrow to throw at thief, but he was very surprised to see that there was a golden bird, who was picking the golden apple in its beak.

Next day, he told the king about the golden bird, and he told that he tried to catch the golden bird, but it flew away. The king said whoever will bring the golden apple and the golden bird in the palace. He will be the next king of this country after I will die.
so the next day elder son of the gardener thought that he will bring the both things he was going to the jungle and then he saw a fox. He prepared his arrow to shot the fox, but the fox said do not kill me. Maybe I will help you to know about the golden bird and golden apple , the elder son Said okay tell me how you can help me.
The Fox said when you will go towards Jungle you will find the two houses. The one will be the well maintained, and the other will be a shabby house do not entered into the well maintained house Spend the night into the shabby house.

When the elder brother went to the jungle, he found two #houses one was well maintained, and the people were dances outside it. They called him and he went towards them. He thought why he would go to the shabby house when he entered into the house, the house was mad and there were a lot of things to eat and everyone was happy and# dancing so the elder son Forgot everything about the finding the golden bird and  apple .

The second son also decided to go and find the golden apple and bird. He saw all the same situation that the elders son has seen.he met with the fox and the fox advise him not to go into the well maintained house, but he also did the same thing that the elders did And he also forgot about the bird and apple .🍏 

Now the, younger son has decided to go and find the bird and apple and to know about where are his brothers. The gardener was not willing because he lost his two sons. He was not willing to send his younger son, but the younger son has promised him that he will come with the both brothers and the bird and the apple. 

So he went to the jungle. He also saw fox and fox #advised him the same. When he reached towards the houses. He remembered the advice of the #fox and spend the night at the #shabby house, not at the well #maintained and house in the morning when he woke up, the fox was at the door and the fox said you are a good boy and you are a very kind boy. You are not like your brothers. You have listened to me now you go forward and you will find a #palace and in the Palace, there is the golden bird but not to change its #cage and as you are a good boy now come and sit on my tail I will take you to the palace. The younger son sat on the tail of the fox and they reach into the palace . 

And the younger son was reached at the palace. Everyone was sleeping at the Palace. He went inside one room and he saw there was a golden bird inside a cage, along with that there beautiful #empty cage, so the boy thought he cannot carry this beautiful bird into the old cage, so he should shift it into the new cage and when he shifted it, the bird started talking and the soldiers came and arrested him .

Next day, the king called him and sentenced him to the death, but he said please leave  me. The king said okay we will forgive you and I will give you the golden bird. If you will bring the golden horse for me he said okay, I will try to get the golden horse for you. 
While he was going for his way to bring the golden horse again Fox came to his way and said that you have not listened to me, but you are a good #lad. I will help you to find a golden horse. I will leave you at the place where the golden horses is there, but do not put the black #saddle on the golden horse. He said okay the fox said sit on my tail and when they reach towards a house, they found golden horse. A man was sleeping beside the horse. When the boys saw the golden horse he thought that this horse deserve the golden saddle, not a black one he put the golden saddle on the horse , and by doing this, the horse started making a loud noise the man who was sleeping beside the horse woke up and arrested him . and took him to the #owner of the horse. The man said I will give you this horse if you will bring the beautiful princess for me I want to marry her otherwise I will kill you. The boy said okay I will try to bring the beautiful princess for you.
So he started your journey to find a princess 👸 Again fox appeared in his way and said that you have not listen to me. Now Listen to me #carefully. I take you to the palace when you will see the princess you will give her a kiss on the forehead she will go with you, but when she says you that she will ask the king to leave with you don’t allow her if you will allow her then you will be in #trouble .
He sat on the Fox tail and reached at the palace Where he met the beautiful princess and kissed on her forehead. She holding his hand and started going with him, but suddenly the princes started #weeping for his father, and to ask his #permission. The boy was very kind, and he allowed her to do that. When the king had that the princess is going with this poor guy, he was very angry. He said to the boy that first you have to remove this #rock from the #window so that he can see the view from outside the window. Then he will give the princess to her, the boys started breaking the hill, but it took seven days to break the little #piece of the hill. Then the fox again came to him and said you leave it. I do it for you and the fox started breaking the hill in five minutes. the king was very happy, and he has given the princess hand to the boys hand and said that you can take her with you . 
When the boy was going with the princess, the fox came to the boy and said you can have all three things the heart, the princes and the bird. If you will listen to me carefully, first, you go to the man and give him Princess and he will give you the horse when you will get the horse you go back and take the princess to the horse and run away from there and then when you will reach to the pace,  You will give the horse to the king he will give you the bird. You take the bird and then sit on the horse, the princess will be with me you run away from there and reach to us . This time boy listened to the fox carefully and did whatever the fox said to him.
Finally he has princess , bird and golden horse with he has to find his brothers.The fox told him where they are .and also adviced him not to sit on the river bank.
He reached at the site where the people were hanging his two brothers he gave the money to the people and saved his brothers. The brother said to him. They are very tired, and they want to sit near the riverbank. He missed his brothers so much, so he listened to his brother, and they were sitting along with the river. The brother pushed him into the river And took the bird horse and the princess with them and to the palace and give all things to the king. 

The king was very happy and there was a big rejoice in the Palace .But bird was not singing. The horse was not riding, and the princes was weeping all the time. the fox  helped younger son  to get out of from the river and the boy reached to the palace. When he reached into the palace, the bird started singing. The horse started riding with happiness and the girl was also happy and stop crying.

younger son, told all the truth to the king, and the king prisoned his both brother, and  Make him the new king and he lived happily ever after after marrying with the beautiful princess .ScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshotScreenshot

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