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What is your salary ?are you happy with it?

24th April 2024 | 5 Views

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I am 29  Year old girl  . I did Msc mathematics.  After Msc i was working in a school in that school  my first salary was 8000rs but I didn’t satisfy.  Then I changed my school in that school my salary was 10000rs  but I wasn’t happy . Again I changed my school  in that school my salary 15000 i wasn’t happy . But now  in that school they are giving 20000rs salary . I wasn’t satisfied because . Because I was born from poor family  i know how much money important to survive.   Through my skills I want to earn  more money. Everyone say money not important but I had experienced if we haven’t money no one  comes  with me. So money important. If we have money  Every one comes with you.  So I suggest everyone earn money . Be independent.     

Anusha Anu



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