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Business is better than job

25th April 2024 | 6 Views

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 Many people choose job than business because they don’t want take risk in their life.  They thought in Jon we can get every month salary but in business  we have to wait for profit . Job means just obey for boss. In job we have no risk . But in business has risk.  If we have like to business but our family or relatives they  are not ready to accept  our decision.   In business   we have to do hard work in the initial stage . In any business  that takes   minimum 5 year  to grown up.  Once you have growth in business that automatically money will increase. Diffrence between job and money 

Job:  1.In Job there is no risk 2.  Working hours 9 am  to 5 pm .   3.    You have to work under boss 4.  Boss can   give job who have. Inteligent more than you he can give more salary than you  . Boss can throw you any time. ,5.  If you want leave you have to ask boss .    

Business: 1 .it has risk 2. Your the boss  3. You can  work  any time 4.  You can take leave any time 

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