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        Every person has a memorable experience on the first day at their school. I have also a memorable experience and beleive me it was so funny.

         This is the memory from the year of 2001. I Live in a rural village and there is no school in our village. So my maternal grandfather said to my father that leave me in his house. Because there is a school infront of his house. So I went to his house and stay with them for some days before starting of our classes. Finally the school opened. And the funny part is I didn’t want to go to the school because I listened from some people that teachers give punishment to the students a lot. So I started crying and said I don’t want to go to school by holding my maternal grandfather. So he said its ok and don’t go today but tomorrow you should have to go.

             Then the next day came and I did that same thing again. But this time my aunt said you should have to go to the school today and no excuses will be listened. And then he took me to the school by holding my hands. I reached at the school. Our teachers welcomed me very happily and one Mam asked me why you are afraid of us ? I told her that you will beat me that’s why I am afraid of the school. Then she told me that without any mistake why we will beat you, So don’t get afraid of us and come to the school regularly at right time. Then she said let’s come I will show you your classroom. By holding my hands she took me to my classroom and introduced me to the other students. After some days my fear had gone and I also made some friends in my class.

           My thoughts about the school and the teachers were changed on that day by seeing their love and caring nature towards us. I was regularly going to my school and all teachers loved me a lot because I was not a naughty boy and I was also studying good. After seeing the teachers only beat those students who are very naughty and not studying well Then I remembered what the Mam told me on my first day of my school is really true. “Without any mistake a Teacher doesn’t beat or give punishment to any student.

           I don’t know how quickly a year passed. And all the credit goes to our teachers who made me very comfortable and changed my thoughts about the school on the first day. And now when I remember that day I feel very lucky that I had got the teachers like them at the first stage of my study life.

          At last I am requesting to all students please go to the school regularly and try to study well. Because this will help you to become a good and successful person in your life.

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