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You gotta make your kinda music!

Zia ♡Last Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 2:55pm 14AprUTC
Zia ♡

3rd April 2024 | 3 Views
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I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Have you ever seen someone in a certain dress that looks very good on them and thought to yourself “I could never pull that off”. Or seen someone work in a certain job and thought. “If I did that I’d probably be rich by now”. We do that often don’t we? Compare ourselves while being completely ignorant of the other factors like who WE are? What do WE want? What makes US happy? Because why would you care about that right? Sounds stupid when I say it so directly doesn’t it? Majority of the time our thoughts are filled with ‘what if I don’t succeed?’, ‘what if I look stupid in that dress?’, ‘ I’m probably too loud’, etc come on, you know it I ain’t your therapist. The grass is always greener on the other side. Do you know why? Because the grass is fake. Yes, you’re so blinded by your own insecurities that you forget to notice their’s. You see many articles, videos, posts around the internet saying how you can change yourself but you don’t need to change yourself. You need to change your perspective because it’s you who thinks you don’t deserve it. If you believe you don’t deserve it why should everyone else believe otherwise before. 

You need to install that believe and feeling of belongingness in yourself first. I’m worth it, I deserve it, saying isn’t enough, believe it. That’s the key. People forget that this is their life. They are different, they are their own persons. Flowers and sunsets look nothing alike but they’re beautiful in their own way. Comparing them is nonsense like you comparing yourself to others. You live once, do it for yourself, create the life. The happiness is in reliving the hobbies you had as a child.

Easier said than done.

I agree. Implementing these changes are difficult indeed. Miserable life is hard, improvements are hard. Choose your hard. Letting go and surrendering would never be easy. It will always feel like you’re dying because in a way you are. You’re old self that tolerates shit, disrespect, has self doubts will die in order for you to get better. We’re used to this, it is our comfort zone but beyond this lies our purpose, fulfilment, Chase that. The old needs to go to make place for the new. Discover what genuinely makes you happy

It can be reading books, cooking, singing or hell just sleeping. 

Healing is simply becoming the person you were as a child. Carefree, kind , gentle and dreaming big. You get to decide what you deserve. You don’t let anyone else decide your worth because you know yourself the best. You know what hardships you went through not them. Half of the time people would call you privileged but behind the scenes work is what only you know. I’m a firm believer that people want you to suffer so you don’t live to your fullest potential. Do you want to provide advantages to everyone that hurt you by doing exactly what they want. No? Right. They don’t want you to be confident. Hence, you do it out of spite. Live your life like it’s your last day. Be unhinged, be cringe, take space, be loud, be unapologetically yourself. You know how the melody goes “ make your own kind of music, even if nobody sings along”.

Zia ♡Last Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 2:55pm 14AprUTC

Zia ♡



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