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Arshiya Garg

3rd April 2024 | 9 Views
Milyin » 598257 » SCATTERED SERENITY

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In the midst of strife, where shadows veil the light,

A cacophony of conflict, relentless and tight.

My head throbs with the echoes that never cease,

A plummeting heart, anticipating the release.

Their words, like blades, carve into my core,

Claiming fragments of my soul evermore.

Begging for respite, as tears softly fall,

The path I tread crumbles, leading to a pitfall.

Happy memories tarnished, a cruel sleight,

In the end, sorrow is all they incite.

I yearn to stand strong, shielded from despair,

Tightening knots, preserving the fragile air.

Longing to escape this tumultuous sea,

Revel the emotions concealed within me.

Happiness, a distant ray of hope,

Yet these feelings within, how do I cope?

They move on, oblivious to the scars they sow,

Fatigued by the chaos, death’s embrace may glow.

In search of peace, tired and undone,

Waiting for serenity, perhaps death is the one.

~ARSHIYAImg 1396

Arshiya Garg


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