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Today is 1st April when I’m writing this and it feels like the universe is pulling pranks on me. If someone in 2023 told me that I’d be working as a content writer and storyteller, I’d ask them to give me whatever they’re high on. It was unexpected would be an understatement. I’m Zia (pen name), currently a student and oh boy! Studying finance is not for the weak.

Why write on Milyin:

Writing has been a passion of mine. I’ve been reading books since I was able to read. I wrote poems, stories and scripts for plays in highschool. You could never find out your true purpose until you’re put out in a situation where it is crystal clear. Recently when I graduated highschool I thought I was prepared for everything. (spoiler alert: I wasn’t) Life doesn’t go the way you want it to, sometimes everything falls apart so you could create something new and better for yourselves. So here I am creating and sharing experiences.

What I write about:

  1. Manifestations, energies, affirmations, etc. (the spritual girlies are gonna love this)
  2. Books, Stories and poems. (everything from jane Austen, Kafka, dostoevsky to haunting Adeline)
  3. Finances, ambitions and goals. ( because we’re gonna earn and move into the big girl NYC apartment)
  4. Self-improvement & advices. (because I’m the older sister you never had).


Well I have like 3258 personalities depending on my mood, dissecting each of them wouldn’t be a good idea but to sum it up all together I’d say I’m someone that thrives on chaos, too ambitious and likes delving into topics mentioned above. To support all my delusions I meditate with my crystals. It really helps, you should too. My guilty pleasure is watching romantic tragedies with choco chips icecream. I love being a Pilates Princess although the real exercise feels like I’m training for war. I’m officially a part of the finance bros. Yes we discuss where we are going to invest our millions when we’re currently working with cents.

Future expectations: 

World domination (self explanatory)

That’s all and I hope my readers like what they’re reading and it resonates with them.♡♡

Zia ♡Last Seen: Apr 15, 2024 @ 2:55pm 14AprUTC

Zia ♡



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