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Topic  :    Understanding Life

People Knows About their Life at the age of 60 years . They understand their Life their black hairs appears into White.But Successful peoples are those who understands their Life at young age. At the age of 13 years to 19 years ,if if anyone understand their Life, definitely He/She will become the successful person. If a person thinks that if He/She gets one crore rupees in his/her life, then he/she wants be going to somewhere to living their Life,but that is not life. That’s not life at all. If a person thinks that he/she will make much more money from youtube, Instagram,tictok, internet, business or from other plateforms and he/ she thinks I have lots of money now,I will live my life Happily .

My dear friends that is not life. That’s not life at all. That is only a little Achievement.

   So, what is Life? Life is the gift of God in the form of trust. We must need to make life meaningful in whatever we can. We all must be thankful to God for this glorious opportunity given to us. We all must to make every movement of this life memorable. We all must to make everything possible, which our life worth living. Life is all about happiness, building a family and leading life as it is.

    Life is to make generations,life is to change yourself,life is to think positive always,life is to grow your thinking, life is to build your confidence,life is to make Best ideas, Life is to being passionate about helping others, life is to be compassionate for others life is to gain education and knowledge and share it with others.

    We must need to grow level and qualities of all these things and then be ready for going to heaven.

(Oh!My God listen my pray)

( Increase my knowledge day by day)

    Here are many peoples in this world . They have dreams in their Life. They wants to becoming a doctor , becoming an engineer, becoming an actor , becoming a cricketer, becoming a dancer, becoming a singer or becoming an artist. If that dreams is in their luck, definitely they will achieve their dreams. But that is not actual life. That’s not life at all.

    Make your spirit pure in your life. Get overcome from sins in your life. Life is to doing worship of God. Life is to help poor people. Life is to affection with childrens. Life is to takecare of neighbours. Life is to give respect to elders. This is actual life .

    If we have no money on our pockets,we need to get up on nights and pray to God that” oh God here are many poor families in the world – they have no food and shelter to live their Lives. My God my motive is good, please give them all,that they want”.

    Since we have no money on our pockets but our hands are getting up for poor families.

This is actual life my dear friends.

            Thank you

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                 (Sheikh Navid)

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