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The giant pizza πŸ•

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Img 9733Img 9735Once upon a time, there lived a farmer πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ. he has two son. One day, he called his wife and said that I have decided to #distribute my property to both of my sons.Β 

Both brothers run a #pizza shop. The elder brother was very clever while the younger brother was a little fool. Both were married.

One day, a lady came to the pizza shop and asked the elder brother to make three pizzas for her. She has #beautiful daughter with her. The younger brother was making the pizzas and he was doing some late that lady said to the elder brother ,your Pizza is very good Β and best pizza in the #town but your servant β€˜s service is very slow .

The elder brother was very happy to hear this that lady understanding his younger brother a servant. The younger brother said that I am not the servant I am his brother but the elder brother has not corrected her.The lady said it’s the #problem of the servants when you behave well with them they understand themselves their # family .The younger brother got sad.πŸ˜”Β 

on the other hand. The old man said to her wife that younger son makes the delicious pizzas, so I #handover the pizza shop to him while I give this house to the elder son .

The elder son’s wife was listening to this. She was also clever woman she was unhappy with this decision of his #father-in-law .In the evening when the husband came she told her everything about the #property distribution.

The elder brother was also unhappy with this decision, but he was clever so he went to the younger brother and said him that you take the home. I take the pizza shop I will earn and you be at home. You have nothing to do.Just #exchange the property .

The younger brother was agreed and believed on elder brother.But the elder brother was not giving him money. The younger brother asked him to give him money. He said Shop is not working well and he’s not earning so he should do some job too.

After few days his father asked the younger brother that is the elder brother give him the money. He said no father. He is not giving me any penny. Father said you are such a foolish man if I have distributed the property, I must have thought of something now do some work. He said to his father ,I know how to make the pizza so we make a pizza shop at home so they have started the pizza shop at home.

Only few people used to come to their shop .The elder brother and his wife both were laughing on them that how he will earn with the shop at home.Because his own shop was doing great.

one day in the town there was a food festival and there was a competition that whoever eat the more food will get the reward so people were keeping a men for the #competition. There was a #rich man going with a fat man and a lot of money to the festival site, he was earning the money by winning the competition of eating by his fat man who was able to eat everything .

when they were passing through the Pizza πŸ• shop of the elder brother, when the elder brother saw a lot of money with this man ,he asked him where are you going. He said we are going for the Food# festival and I am earning this money with the help of my fat buddy who eats everything and I get the money. Nobody can #defeat him.

The clever brother said to this man, okay I will make the pizza for the fat man if he will able to eat all the pizzas I will give my shop to you and if he #loses you will give me your all money.
The man was agreed the clever brother said he will make 50 pizzas because he thought the fat man won’t be able to eat the 50 pizzas, but when the competition was started the clever brother was #shocked to see that fat man has eaten all the pizzas.
Now it was turned to handover his shop to the man, the clever brother starts begging to the man. Please don’t take my Shop I give you my home instead of the shop.

The younger brother who was coming towards the elder brother to ask for some work at the Piza shop. He listened all the conversation and get worried.He went back to the father and told him about the #plans of the brother .Thefather said, don’t worry, let them come to the home we will also make a bet .

when the elder brother and the man came to the home and the elder brother said to the younger brother that give this home to this man we will earn the money and will make a new home by our pizza πŸ• shop.

But the father came forward to help the younger son and said I will make a bet with this man. The younger brother will make the pizza and is fat man will eat it. If he won’t be able to eat this. We will give this home to him but if he lose, then they have to give us the pizza πŸ• Β shop and the money too .

That man was agreed and asked the younger brother how many pizza will you make? The father came forward and he said he will make one Pizza πŸ• that man start laughing and said okay get start. The elder brother was worried what the father is doing because the fat man has eaten the 50pizza ,The only one Pizza πŸ• he will eat in five minutes.

.They were waiting for the pizza πŸ• the father asked the younger brother to make a giant pizza.The younger brother ,father, his mother and wife all worked together to make a giant pizza and when it was prepared. They called the fat man to eat it, but it was a very giant pizza.πŸ•

The fat man said he won’t be able to eat this giant pizza. He ran away that rich man has to give up and gave all the money and the Pizza Shop to the younger brother.The father and the younger brother were both happy while the clever elder brother was very sad.
He begged the younger brother that please brother give me some space at home to live and give me some work at the pizza shop.

From that day, the eldest brother’s wife and the elder brother were working as a servant at the Pizza shop and the younger brother used to sit at the main seat. He was so nice and kind that everyone was coming to his pizza shop because of his kind #nature, and soon he was very rich.

The moral of the story is that never be too proud and never be too #clever.

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikhLast Seen: Apr 21, 2024 @ 12:44am 0AprUTC

Huwaina Hafeezan shaikh



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