What Are The Best Ways To Choose The Right Mobile Learning Solution

How to Choose the Right Mobile Learning Solution

Satyanshu PathakLast Seen: Apr 10, 2024 @ 12:11pm 12AprUTC
Satyanshu Pathak

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We have an odd connection with technology. That’s the way it’s always been. Those who are scientifically inclined (whom we may disparagingly characterize) are the exception to our general lack of curiosity in the “how.” 

You could care less about the mechanics of electricity as long as the lights turn on when you flip a switch. You don’t need to understand how the software works if it helps you meet the requirements to renew your license. So, without the help of mobile learning solutions, is it feasible to find a competent mobile LMS provider? 

What Are The Finest Ways To Select Mobile Learning Solutions?

Here are some best practices for selecting the best customized mobile learning solutions supplier for your online compliance training program.

Industry Guidelines:

There are several tiers of compliance. They are commonly separated into two categories: equipment maintenance and human safety. A few regulations are designed to prevent harm. Some are meant to avoid costly damage and repairs. In addition, specific rules apply to your whole industry, and others are internal. 

  • The goal of external compliance is uniformity. 

  • For example, you should feel comfortable seeing any doctor since, in theory, all physicians uphold the same Hippocratic oath. 

  • As a result, they are all licensed by the same medical board. Likewise, confirm that the regulatory organization overseeing your sector has authorized your compliance designer. or that they know the most recent rules and legislation that apply to your particular sector, at the very least. 

Design Proficiency:

It is easy to be misleading if you are not in the field. You might not be aware, for instance, that computer coding languages and Android/iOS programming are not the same. So, you may visit a desktop developer and believe what they say about their ability to create mobile apps. It’s a distinct skill set that isn’t necessary but is also not a given. 

Not every developer proficient in desktop software can also write mobile software. Thus, request demos of their mobile applications. You can at least test the applications to make sure they function, even if they may have outsourced their mobile skills. Additionally, you may watch for certain mobile features you desire in your online compliance training.

Tools That Respond:

Words are used interchangeably when talking about mobile training. Terms like responsive development tools, mobile optimization, and easy navigation. Although they are now overused buzzwords, they have value and communicate a message. 

  • A responsive online course automatically adjusts to the screen size of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. 

  • For each one, you don’t need a different product. But the way it’s constructed is everything. 

  • Some developers might rather create a stand-alone online compliance training course and pair it with a “free mobile app.” 

  • That strategy could save money, but only if no additional costs are associated with the mobile version. 

  • Request a thorough explanation of their response strategy, ideally supported by examples.

Workplace Methods:

Many of us give our purpose and vision more weight than others. Therefore, if you value your company’s concept, find a mobile training provider who shares your values. It could have to do with their CSR initiatives or environmental protection efforts. Do they support the local community? To what extent does their internship/sponsorship program assist youth? 

Is their process of development ad hoc or structured? Are you going to receive a schedule with deadlines and check-ins? Or would they rather just wing it and ask you for a visit and/or feedback whenever they feel like it? Considering they are tailoring your online mobile compliance course, how much engagement do they want or permit? What say do you have?

Reliable Reviews and Ratings:

Check online for testimonials and rankings from previous customers of the customized mobile learning solutions provider. What are their thoughts on assistance and customer service? Did they approve of the outcome in the end? If not, what made them unhappy, and are these issues similar to yours? For instance, the reviewer may have pointed out that your firm places a high value on brand identity and corporate policies, but the supplier never bothered to look into them. That supplier might not be the most outstanding choice for your outsourcing project.


You don’t need to be an expert mobile coder to look for mobile training applications. However, you must be aware of what to search for. If not, you’ll select a customized mobile learning solution supplier that falls short of your training requirements. Which criteria are appropriate? Seek a business that shares your beliefs. 

Whether you’re a fastidious over-planner or an impromptu thinker, their approach should also fit yours. The results of course development will be impacted by your ongoing disagreement if there is no synchronization between you. Verify that they can develop for mobile devices and test their goods to ensure they thoroughly understand responsive design.

Satyanshu PathakLast Seen: Apr 10, 2024 @ 12:11pm 12AprUTC

Satyanshu Pathak



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