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What Is The Beauty In The Life, Inner Or Outer.…

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What Is The Beauty In The Life, Inner Or Outer.

One day I went out for a walk and went some distance away from home, I was very tired while walking, so I went to a place and sat down and thought I should take some rest. When I went and sat at a place, I saw a girl sitting, I did not know who she was, nor had I met her before. There was no one around, she was sitting alone. I was standing at some distance from her. When I saw her very upset, I thought that I should go and ask her what is her problem. I went to her and I was about to sit next to her when she moved away from me and sat down. I didn’t understand anything at that time, then thought that maybe she will have some big problem and she probably wants to spend some time alone, doesn’t want someone to come near her and disturb her, as most people do when they are upset. It happens. I didn’t think it right to disturb her and got up from there, I had just taken my steps forward that she called back and asked, do you also believe that beauty is only when you look good? Do you also believe that it is a curse for a person not to look good? Is there no value for inner beauty? And at that time I did not understand why this girl was asking me all these things. I looked at her a little carefully, along with tears in her eyes, I saw many questions. I will not lie, when I saw herWhat is the importance of beauty   for

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the first time, I also noticed that her complexion is a bit subdued, she is not very beautiful. I didn’t say anything to her at that time because I understood from her questions that the reason for her problem is her dark complexion and her poor looks. I went back to her and sat down, this time she didn’t sit away from me. Rather she started crying loudly, I got a little nervous and tried to pacify her and in the meanwhile she started telling me her heartache. She told that she is the youngest in her family and she has two elder sisters, both of whom are very good looking, due to which they got married and that too in a very good family. She told me that she was turned down from not one but many places just because of her dark complexion. Since childhood, she got a lot of taunts because of that, but it never mattered to her because she knew whether someone would support her or not, but her family members were always with her, but today they also left her and today she is broken from inside.

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I have heard and seen many such stories but only in some book or on TV this happens in real life also, I never thought and do not want this to happen to anyone else.
When she was telling me all this, I got so angry with myself because I am also one of those people who first wanted to see the outer beauty. Because I have always believed that beauty should be in our thoughts, beauty should be in our thoughts. Beauty should be in our attitude, beauty should be in our work, beauty should be in what we are doing.
I could not answer any of his questions at that time because I myself was surrounded by many questions, where are my thoughts with which I grew up?
She went away from there but I sat there for a long time and after sitting for a long time thought that now I should also go.

After that I never met that girl nor could I ask her name, but I am still trying to find answers to her questions. Is it really the nature of human being that when we see something and do not find it in our favour, then we automatically form many types of thoughts against it without understanding it without knowing it. Where are all our thoughts with the help of which we grow up? We are taught from childhood that we should respect everyone. And people like that girl also come in it, they are also humans like us and we have no right to insult them. Who are we to tell them how you should look so that we like you? Who are we? No one no one no one we no one to interfere in their life it is their life so let them decide how they want to live their life

We have to do this but along with that we also have to change our attitude that beauty should be in our thoughts, not in external beauty, it will not stay with us forever; sooner or later we will be old from young and along with that external beauty too. It will keep on decreasing. And the day will also come when we will say goodbye to this world. People will remember beauty for a few days but then forget.

But the beauty of our thoughts will always keep smelling the lives of others, due to which people will always remember us in one way or the other and will continue to do so.

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Today we need to see the inner beauty of people because according to me that is more important. When we talk to someone, we always say that his nature is very good, his/her way of speaking is very good and after that we feel like talking to him/her further because even for the first time we like him/her. No matter how fair, black, sick, short he/she is. And if someone doesn’t talk to us nicely, then I don’t feel like talking to him/her again, no matter how good looking he/she is. So we believe that when someone’s thoughts are good then only we like to talk to him/her. Yes, it will not be wrong to believe that at first we are influenced only by the external beauty of the people, but in the end we start loving their thoughts.

At that time I was not able to give her the answers to her questions, but today through my writing I am probably able to give her the answers to her questions. I don’t know if she is reading this or will read this sometime in future but maybe those who read this will understand what I am trying to say.
Beauty should be in our perspective because only then we will also be able to see the beauty of the world, whether it is about someone’s look or even in that moment of life when we are surrounded by many problems. Problems come in everyone’s life, but living in the true sense will be called only when we do not forget to see the beauty behind it even in such difficult times, because we must believe that there must be a good reason behind what is happening.
I agree that it will not be so easy to accept all this but we have to make it easy. Whatever I believe, I have tried to reach you all through this article.  Now tell me what do you think?

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