Divine Evolution: What Kind of Wish is This?!, Chapter 1

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Chapter 1, A Wish

Authors Note: <[ Please be aware that everything written here is just fiction ok, it’s not fully in sink with the current world so please don’t try to use anything here against me]>










Within the magnificent city of Beijing, an average pizza shop was located in a particular corner.

Outside the shop stood a grown man in a sauce stained apron and beside him was a young man on a packed delivery scouter who he seemed to be talking to.

The boys name was Chinonso, Age 16, Though not as handsome as a model, with his rare blue eyes that shimmered like sapphire’s, proportionate jawline, dark smooth skin fitting of one from a migrated family and stricking silky smooth hair that reached towards his shoulders, the boy was a complete knockout.

With such good looks life would be no less amazing for anyone but sadly it wasn’t so for Chinonso in particular for he had to drop out of highschool due to some tragic incident.

His parents had gotten into an accident a year ago so without any main person to take care of them, Chinonso had to drop out of school so he could get a job in order to care for his 3 younger siblings.

The grown man in a stained apron was naturally his Boss who was currently cautioning him about a certain delivery.

” Listen here boy, we got an eccentric order among this batch of delivery’s right now and though I’d really hate to give it to you, that’s not an option now since Maxwell’s out on a delivery…Sigh..” The burley grown man’s voice clearly showed his reluctance.

” Why do I get the feeling that you don’t trust me on this one boss, come on Old Chen, am just as good as a deliver as Maxwell” Chinonso clenched his fist in indignation.

” Again it’s Boss Chen!, I thought I told you to stop calling me Old Chen you brat! am still as young and healthy as I ever was” His Boss retorted firmly.

Chinonso just looked him up and down before sighing lightly while shaking his head, his Boss seeing such a reaction felt his blood surge as if he was gonna strangle the cocky brat before him.

” Dammit you ungrateful brat!, I remember when you’re old man was around you were a lot more grateful”

” Well he isn’t so don’t even dream about it” Chinonso crossed his arms in front of his chest seemingly vexed.

“…..Why on earth do I even have to put up with this ” Old Chen massaged his temple looking exhausted.

“I wouldn’t be wasting so much time if Maxwell was here..” His Boss Boss gave a helpless sigh.

” There you go again calling Maxwell into this, I really don’t get what’s the difference between him and me, we’re both delivery boys aren’t we”

” Delivery boy my foot, at least his customers don’t complain about him”

” Hey that’s not fair, Mine don’t complain to” 

” Your what?” Old Chen raised a brow asking sarcastically.

” My customers obviously!” Chinonso flared up, obviously irritated by the Old man’s taunting gaze.

” Which customers?, you mean the ones you either messed up their delivery or annoyed?, or the one customer whom you smashed a pipping hot pizza on her face?” His Boss chuckled mockingly which irritated Chinonso even more.

” Hey that lady was asking for it!, that one wasn’t my fault!” He tried defending himself.

” I don’t care who’s fault it was, just remember what I told you, you better not mess up this delivery or else!” The man warned sternly before returning into the restaurant with a slam of the door.

The delivery boy cursed underneath his breath watching his boss retreat into the shop” Tsk~, but that one really wasn’t my fault that time!, that old cougar was really trying to molest me..” he grumbled but no one could here him for his boss was already gone.

” Sigh…,Might as well get this delivery over with” he sighed lightly before checking his scooters delivery box to take a peek.

” The F*ck?, I seriously don’t get why the old man’s being so careful, it’s only just one box!” Chinonso grumbled on seeing the single pizza box in the delivery box.

” Tsk~, just forget it, it’s probably just some rich prick or something, best to get going before the old man comes looking for me again ” he decided before getting atop the scooter.

Chinonso reached into his pocket before pulling out his phone, he plugged on his wired ear phones before putting on his music player app.

” Yeah, nothings better than a nice tune to keep you calm” Chinonso nooded his head in agreement, he felt a whole lot better the moment the nice beats came on.

After that he clicked on the shops employee app to get a clear understanding about the package before he would set off.

” Called it, I knew it had to be a rich prick…, Says here she lives in the inner districts of Beijing, Dongcheong to be precise ” Chinonso’s eyes widened in shock.

In China, Beijing had several districts but Dongcheong was among it’s 6 popular inner districts 

” But wait, I don’t get it, why would someone like that suddenly order from our low end pizza hut all of a sudden….” he pondered before quickly shaking his head.

” Wait don’t tell me she really likes Old Chen’s cheesey Pizza?, really?” He placed his hand against his chin in wonder since even he would call it average at best.

” Well no use thinking about it since I ain’t getting paid to do so, might as well get going…” he said only for his eyes to widen when he looked at his phone again.

” Crap!!!, look at the time!!!, at this rate am gonna be late!” He quickly put on his helmet before starting his scooter, once on he quickly drove off.


” Hey kid slow down!”

” Dammit are you crazy or something!!!”

” Damned punk!” With his hands on the accelerator, he quickly sped through the streets, swerving through multiple cars and over taking several.

Though garnering resentment and curses from the several road drivers he passed by.

” Hurry hurry hurry!” Which each passing second his hands kept on increasing his speed with the accelerator, his eyes glancing towards his watch from time to time.




At such swift speeds it wasn’t long before he arrived at his destination, with the scooter coming to a stop he scrutinized the building, What came into view was actually an apartment building?.

” Wait she lives in this place?, pretty simple of you ask me” he mumbled forgetting that it was still an apartment in Dong cheong and with over 10 floors to match.

” Just why on earth would the boss be so careful about a delivery to a place like this?” Chinonso added, he pondered it for a while but still couldn’t get why.

” Well might as well get this over with, it’s just about Ebube, Kosi and Zara’s dismissal time afterall” due to his diligent attitude to work, he managed to fund his siblings school tuitions and went ahead to fund there extra school lessons as well so his siblings normally returned home at 6 in the evening instead.

Since he couldn’t have a future anymore he thought he might as well make sure that theirs was just as good as every other kid’s if not better.

Remembering his younger siblings where soon going to end school for the day he quickly made his way into the apartment.

So as to avoid any problems he decided to avoid the elevator, instead taking the stairs upwards.

After a few flight of stairs, Chinonso finally made his way to the twentieth floor.

The moment he arrived at the floor he couldn’t help stoping all of a sudden, the entire floor was eerily quiet for some reason, with a cold draft blowing from time to time sending a shiver down his spine. 

” Geeze what a dump, couldn’t the landlord even afford to buy a few spare light bulbs at least” he remarked with a tinge of annoyance for there wasn’t even a single bulb on in the corridor as if they were all broken, one could only imagine just what this place would look __like at night.

Chinonso then made his way into the eerie corridor to the addressed door giving it an audible knock with one of his hands while holding the box in the other, he also didn’t forget to smile lightly, since the boss placed such a huge importance on this delivery he might as well appear more presentable.

” Coming……” A raspy voice was heard after he knocked, for some reason Chinonso couldn’t help but feel as if the voice sounded right next to his very ears causing him to shiver a little, he abruptly shook his head dissolving such thoughts.


The door creaked ominously, opening up ever so slightly.

” Afternoon miss, Am here to drop off your delivery from Chen Yang’s Pizza hut^^” Chinonso said instinctively the moment the door was opened.

With the door opened what came into his view was a pale skinned lady who looked no older than 20, With jet black hair, matching black eyes wearing a strange dress stained with red all over.

Chinonso upon seeing her didn’t react much at first instead his gaze went towards her face, he was left stunned as to what he saw.

The ladies face was covered in several scars, one across her eye’s, the other across her nose while the other across her lips.

” Get a good look yet?” The ladies cold voice snapped him back to reality.

Chinonso quickly shook his head nervously, a helpless smile etched on his face” My apologies, I was just attracted to it that’s all” 

” Attracted?, your telling me you find my face attractive?…” She asked again only this time with a bit of confusion.

” Of course, truthfully I really do find it attracting, I really am sorry for staring” 

” Like I said earlier here’s your delivery…, I made sure to get it here as fast as I could so it’s still hot” he pushed the box into the ladies hands who accepted it with blank eye’s.

Chinonso felt like she was still upset with his earlier actions so he bent down abruptly giving a respectable 90° degree bow before turning to run off.

” Hey wait a minute!” The lady quickly called him back.

” What is it?” Chinonso stopped mid way turning backwards towards her.

” Here~” she replied before throwing something into his arms which he caught.

Opening his palm to take a look, Chinonso was stunned to find out what it was.

A Golden Coin!

” That’s your tip ” the lady replied before he could speak.

” Wait miss I can’t accept this–” he tried returning it but by the time he turned back to her the lady had already vanished into her apartment locking the door behind her.

Chinonso stood there not sure what to do, After a while of standing and realizing that the lady was not coming back he decided to turn around and leave.


” A Gold Coin huh?” He said while standing outside the apartment with the coin in hand, He took a bite at it and noticing the sharp pain that came right after he beamed with joy quickly placing it into his pocket before driving off.

After making a few deliveries more, he quickly returned home by around evening.

Thankfully their home was fully bought by there parents before they died otherwise it would’ve been extremely difficult for them to survive until now.

” Am home!” He said while pushing the door open.

” Big brother ^^”

” Onichan ^^”

He was quickly welcomed by two cute little kids, one was a boy who looked 11 years while the other was a fiesty little girl who looked 8 years of age, though different in age both also had dark skin, silky smooth hair and a stricking resemblance to Chinonso.

A third person who was naturally their 2nd born Ebube who was 14 years old sat quietly by the sofa, on seeing Chinonso walk in he just gave him a casual glance before returning his gaze to the TV which was playing a certain action movie about a godly lizard.

Chinonso didn’t mind the boys calm attitude instead turning his focus towards his other siblings.

” Ok ok ok i love you guys too, how’s everyone doing ^^” he replied with a warm smile but everyone suddenly turned silent.

” What’s wrong?” Sensing the particular atmosphere Chinonso raised a brow asking once more.

” You tell him…” His little sister Zara nudged Kosi his little brother.

” No you tell him…” Kosi the third born nudged back clearly not willing to speak.

” Tell me what?…, wait what happened to your face!” Chinonso quickly squatted down on noticing a little bruise on his little brother Kosi’s cheek.

” Who did this….” Chinonso asked coldly his eyes squinting till a dangerous degree.

His little brother lowered his head as if not willing to say but underneath his older brothers gaze he finally relented.

” It’s…the kids at school again, they started picking on us like always, I tried fighting back but they ganged up on me!” Kosi said while clenching his fists tightly clearly frustrated.

” Ebube came to help but was beaten up too~, we only managed to escape because Zara ran off to call a teacher who came and stopped the fight…” He added.

On hearing what happened Chinonso instantly flared up. ” Damned b*stards!!!, What on earth is wrong with them dammit!!!” 

” Why didn’t you call me on the phone then!” He turned back towards Kosi.

” It’s not our fault, we wanted to but Ebube said it would only make things worse so we didn’t…” Kosi said glancing towards the quite boy on the sofa.

Hearing their reply Chinonso clicked his tongue in dissatisfaction, it wasn’t that he wouldn’t be able to beat up a bunch of school kids but that he really couldn’t, the school they went to was one mostly filled up with people from the middle class and above, if he really did come there and get into a fight then he’d have to worry about keeping his job and if he lost that then what else would they do to survive.

Though he really hated it, the thought of his siblings getting bullied pissed him off beyond measure if only he could retaliate.

He knew getting frustrated was not going to help so after a short while he took a deep breath.

” Ok let’s try to forget about that ok, I got a surprise I know you guys would love^^” he smiled brightly before showing them the golden coin.

” Wow!!, where did you get that!” The quite boy quickly sprung up from the sofa.

” Shinny!!” Zara said with excitement, her eye’s shimmering like stars.

” I want one!” Kosi said, On seeing the coin all his siblings starred at the golden coin in awe.

” I got it from a customer today as a tip, neat right?” Chinonso smiled proudly.

” Super neat!!!” The three replied excitedly in unison.

A/N<[ Neat means cool, think of it as a type of slang]>

” Kk I got an idea, how about we all make a wish ^^, it is a coin afterall right?”

A/N<[ Kk is a short form of Ok]>

” Wow really?, we can?”

” Will it come true?” They asked.

Chibi not wanting to ruin the mood nodded reassuringly before passing them the coin.

” Come on, go ahead, make a wish ^^” he said happily with a smile.

His siblings passed the coin back and forth between each other before finally grasping it together, they whispered together like cute little pups before looking back at Chinonso then closing there eyes.

” We wish we all could one day get revenge against those bullies and monsters at school! ” They said loudly together leaving Chinonso stunned.

For kids to wish for revenge not to mention someone as young as his little sister who was only 8, of course he’d be stunned.

He was just about to say something when the coin in there hands suddenly glowed brightly.

The siblings stared in amazement at the glowing coin in shock, simultaneously the coin suddenly vanished into thin air and in it’s place several holographic glowing cards of different colors emerged within the house, from the living room to the bedroom and even the toilets where fully covered with them.

” What in the world?” Chinonso starred with bewilderment, his siblings had the same stunned looks as well.

” It’s almost like it’s real…” Ebube remarked with a tinge of amazement as he looked at one of the cards closely.

” Awesome!!! ” Kosi said excitedly, also stunned by what just happened.

” Shiny!” Zara said, like a moth to a flame she reached out towards a pitch black card that gave off an incredible obsidian glow.

” No don’t touch it!” Chinonso warned but it was already too late, she had already grabbed one of the cards.

Like the coin from earlier she suddenly vanished.

” Zara!!!!” The trio screamed in unison.

” Where did she go!”

” She just vanished!, how’s that even possible!”

” How are we going to get her back!” 

” It’s ok it’s ok, I’ll just go get her” Ebube quickly said though a little panicked, he reached towards one of the cards but this time was held back by Chinonso.

” There’s no way am letting you vanish to” Chinonso said.

” But what about Zara then” Kosi said, a sense of urgency towards his sister who’s whereabouts where unknown could be seen on his face.

” Then we’ll all just go together!” Chinonso said.

” Are you crazy!, we don’t even know where she went” Ebube rebuked.

“The more reason we need to hurry!” Chinonso replied.

” Fine!, but we better be careful!” Ebube said.

” Of course!, Let’s all just grab one on three ok?” Chinonso said before counting.



” Three!” On the last count the all quickly grabbed a pitch black card as well just like there little sister before vanishing, Their destination unknown.


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